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A crumblike topping for coffeecakes and rich breads, consisting of flour, sugar, butter, cinnamon, and sometimes chopped nuts.

[German, streusel, from Middle High German ströusel, something strewn, from ströuwen, to sprinkle, from Old High German strowwen; see ster- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈstruːsəl; ˈstrɔɪ-; German ˈʃtrɔyzəl)
(Cookery) chiefly US a crumbly topping for rich pastries
[German, from streuen to strew]


(ˈstru zəl, ˈstrɔɪ-, ˈʃtrɔɪ-)

a mixture of flour, butter, sugar, nuts, and cinnamon used as a topping esp. on coffeecake.
[1925–30; < German: literally, a sprinkling; akin to strew]
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Noun1.streusel - pastry with a topping of streusel
pastry - any of various baked foods made of dough or batter
2.streusel - a crumbly topping for a pastry
topping - a flavorful addition on top of a dish
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APPLE COOKBOOK It's time for caramelized tarts, juicy pies, crisps, streusels, and cinnamony sauces.
Over the years, Americans have incorporated New World ingredients like cranberries, blueberries, pumpkin and pecans to update Old World pies, tarts and puddings; modified desserts with timesaving innovations and convenience foods; and added flourishes like cookie crusts, streusels and meringues.
The thirty-eight chapters carry the fully descriptive titles: Ingredients from wheat; ingredients from other grains; Leavenera and yeast foods; Shortenings, emulsifiers and anti-oxidants; Sweeteners and malt syrup; Water and salt; Ingredients from milk and eggs; Fruits, vegetables and nuts; Spices, flavours and colours; Other ingredients; Unleavened bakery products; Products leavened with water vapour; Air-leavened products;Chemically leavened bread and rolls; Chemically leavened sweet goods; Yeast-leavened plain bread and rolls; Continuous, semi continuous and expedited doughs; Variety breads; Yeast-leavened sweet doughs; Other yeast-leavened products; Adjuncts - washes, glazes, icings and marshmallows; Adjuncts - streusels, pastes, fillings, etc.