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tr.v. stri·at·ed, stri·at·ing, stri·ates
To mark with striae or striations.
adj. also stri·at·ed (-ā′tĭd)
1. Marked with striae; striped, grooved, or ridged.
2. Consisting of a stria or striae.

[From Latin striātus, furrowed, from stria, furrow; see stria.]
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(ˈstraɪ eɪ tɪd)

marked with striae; streaked.
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[straɪˈeɪtɪd] ADJestriado
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adj (form: = striped) → gestreift; (= furrowed)gefurcht; (Geol) → mit Schliffen or Schrammen
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a. estriado-a, enlistado-a;
___ musclemúsculo ___.
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Their height, as we approached them, seemed to me in some places to be greater than he had stated--running up in parts to at least a thousand feet--and they were curiously striated, in a manner which is, I believe, characteristic of basaltic upheavals.
The secretions of the acini pass through the intralobular ducts which include the intercalated and striated ducts and then interlobular or excretory ducts and ultimately into one or more main ducts which discharge saliva into the oral cavity1.
Lysakowski and her colleagues were interested in a part of the cell called the striated organelle, which lies underneath this cuticle plate and is believed to be responsible for its stability.
It's flying into the wind, plumage flustering, tail fanned, wing tips flickering, its breast striated, its body rocking on the air.
Making up just 4% of the total volume of the block, the optical fibers give the material a striated texture.
Manometry will show a normal proximal (striated muscle) esophagus with low or absent distal esophageal peristalsis and low LES pressure.
The Cd concentrations were highest in digestive gland > gills > adductor muscle (striated and smooth) > gonad ~ mantle.
The stalks and asymmetric, striated cap of each resembling a trumpet's bell being harmoniously aligned with adjoining ones.
Using these characters as her vehicle the author reveals the life of the Shakers through the striated vision of a Believer and the critical sometimes harsh perception of an outsider.