striated muscle tissue

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Noun1.striated muscle tissue - muscle tissue characterized by transverse stripesstriated muscle tissue - muscle tissue characterized by transverse stripes
muscular tissue, muscle - animal tissue consisting predominantly of contractile cells
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The stem cells of the skeletal striated muscle tissue, called satellite cells, are postnatal myogenic precursors that can regenerate the myocytes [14].
[5] They often arise at sites in which striated muscle tissue is absent or scant.
Soon to follow would begin the slow buildup of a stomach paunch and the need for looser sized shoes as gravity yanked down hard on arches formerly held high by striated muscle tissue.
Histologically, these rhabdomyomas consist of a mixture of elongated, spindle-shaped, or oval cells with indistinct cytoplasm and muscle fibers that resemble the striated muscle tissue seen in intrauterine development at 7 to 12 weeks.