strictly speaking

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Adv.1.strictly speaking - in actual fact; "properly speaking, they are not husband and wife"
على وَجْه التَّدْقيق
striktně řečeno
szigorúan véve
strangt til tekiî
presne povedané
doğrusunu söylemek gerekirse


(strikt) adjective
1. severe, stern, and compelling obedience. This class needs a strict teacher; His parents were very strict with him; The school rules are too strict; strict orders.
2. exact or precise. If the strict truth were known, he was drunk, not ill.
ˈstrictness noun
ˈstrictly adverb
strictly speaking
if we must be completely accurate, act according to rules etc. Strictly speaking, he should be punished for this.
References in classic literature ?
Strictly speaking, they could do without its light , but not without its heat .
It is only bodily phenomena that can be directly observed in animals, or even, strictly speaking, in other human beings.
Meanwhile many of the milkmaids had said to one another of the newcomer, "How pretty she is!" with something of real generosity and admiration, though with a half hope that the auditors would qualify the assertion--which, strictly speaking, they might have done, prettiness being an inexact definition of what struck the eye in Tess.
Miss Pink's highly-trained conversation had perhaps one fault--it was not, strictly speaking, conversation at all.
Which means to say, strictly speaking, that the air contained in the Nautilus would suffice for 625 men for twenty-four hours."
She has neither bow or stern, strictly speaking, for she has a long-bladed rudder on each end and she never turns around.
(Strictly speaking, Daniel Cooper was one figure of the anglaise.)
The lady, especially, although she was not, strictly speaking, a beautiful woman, quite fascinated us.
There was one comfort, however, - all this was entailed upon little Arthur, and could not under any circumstances, strictly speaking, be his mother's.
As to ornament, there wasn't any, strictly speaking; though on the walls hung some huge tapes- tries which were probably taxed as works of art; battle-pieces, they were, with horses shaped like those which children cut out of paper or create in ginger- bread; with men on them in scale armor whose scales are represented by round holes -- so that the man's coat looks as if it had been done with a biscuit-punch.
And in spite of the fact that science, art, and politics had no special interest for him, he firmly held those views on all these subjects which were held by the majority and by his paper, and he only changed them when the majority changed them--or, more strictly speaking, he did not change them, but they imperceptibly changed of themselves within him.
Haarlem, -- just as her neighbour, Leyden, became the centre of science, and her queen, Amsterdam, that of commerce, -- Haarlem preferred to be the agricultural, or, more strictly speaking, the horticultural metropolis.