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1. Loud, harsh, grating, or shrill: a strident voice. See Synonyms at vociferous.
2. Forcefully assertive or severely critical: strident rhetoric.

[Latin strīdēns, strīdent-, present participle of strīdēre, to make harsh sounds, ultimately of imitative origin.]

stri′dence, stri′den·cy n.
stri′dent·ly adv.
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Noun1.stridency - having the timbre of a loud high-pitched sound
timbre, tone, quality, timber - (music) the distinctive property of a complex sound (a voice or noise or musical sound); "the timbre of her soprano was rich and lovely"; "the muffled tones of the broken bell summoned them to meet"


[ˈstraɪdənsɪ] N [of voice, colour, person] → estridencia f; [of protests] → fuerza f, lo ruidoso


n (of sound, voice)Schrillheit f, → Durchdringlichkeit f; (of colour)Grellheit f; (of person)Streitbarkeit f; (of protest, criticism, tone)Schärfe f; (of demand)Stärke f
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In fact, there has been a marked stridency in the tenor of the members of the ruling coalition with their no-holds-barred attacks on the security establishment.
In Tribe and Prejudice, Omatseye's tone is measured in declaiming the rots in our society; he eschews the stridency of a fanatic but shows our foibles; the stupidities and absurdities.
Complex issues have raised their ugly heads as a result, the most alarming of them being the floundering state of the freedom of expression in India, the growing unapologetic stridency for revisionist history, born out of communal agendas, and the lack of volition by the government to determinedly push back the vituperative tide.
Xenophobic and racist responses to refugees and migrants seem to be reaching new levels of stridency, frequency and public acceptance," U.
Its success in terms of publicity goes far toward explaining the increasing stridency of Zionist denunciations of alleged attempts to "de-legitimize" Israel.
The street protests grew in number and stridency, and the Marcos administration's response became more and more vicious.
It hangs together quite cohesively without ever expressing its own identity with any stridency.
Thus, at a time when the UK faces a massive range of challenges from Russia's new stridency, a migration crisis in Europe, and a continued terrorist threat, Britain desperately needs a more outward-looking and self-confident international posture.
But, made with crushed chick peas and mashed potatoes to mitigate the stridency of the cheese, it was surprisingly light.
Perhaps for that reason, in his March 18 acceptance speech, he promised to be "a tireless fighter for the unity of the Americas, more concerned with seeking practical solutions to the enduring problems of our region than with rhetoric and stridency in statements guided by one ideology or another.
I also expect to wake up one morning very soon to find that we now have at least eight female premiers, largely because the Canadian electorate got totally fed up with the stridency of male politicians.