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1. Loud, harsh, grating, or shrill: a strident voice. See Synonyms at vociferous.
2. Forcefully assertive or severely critical: strident rhetoric.

[Latin strīdēns, strīdent-, present participle of strīdēre, to make harsh sounds, ultimately of imitative origin.]

stri′dence, stri′den·cy n.
stri′dent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.stridently - in a strident manner; "the cheap clock ticked stridently"
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[ˈstraɪdəntlɪ] ADV [hoot, sound, whistle] → con estridencia, de modo estridente; [demand, declare] → con estridencia, con grandes alharacas; [protest] → ruidosamente
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adv talk etcschrill, durchdringend; object, protestscharf, lautstark; demand, behavelautstark; a stridently anti-American approacheine scharf antiamerikanische Haltung
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For seven years, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stridently warned Israel's citizens and the world of a multipronged Iranian threat to his nation's security and strategic position.
Russia, Savelyev said, will stridently pursue the policy of Azerbaijan's accession to the CSTO, if official Baku expresses a desire to join the organization.
This was just as Afenifere, further described Chief Adebanjo as a priceless gift to Yoruba Nation and Nigeria and a faithful disciple of Chief ObafemiAwolowo, saying he had remained one of the most strident voices in the calls for a restructuring of the country like the sage himself who had stridently advocated a federal Nigeria since 1947.
While the transfers have been welcomed by the professional body - the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads' Association - from which the principals are drawn, the Kenya National Union of Teachers has led an array of bodies and individuals stridently opposed to the exercise.
Donald Trump's vice-president is stridently anti-gay rights while the rights of gay Americans to marry hangs in the balance of the next Supreme Court justice.
Ah, but private firms earn excessive profits and exploit workers, the socialists will shout stridently. Well, competition in private markets (cars, bikes, bus services etc) will offer choice to consumers and we will benefit from lower prices, the classical liberals state in reply.
She returns home less than a year into her studies and repeatedly clashes with her father, a prominent politician, who stridently imposes his will on his children.
Though stridently defended by Oswald de Andrade and other writers and artists later associated with the Semana de Arte Moderna festival, her paintings incited the polemical objections of such academic critics as Monteiro Lobato, who designated modern art "abnormal," comparing it to psychopathological art.
She pulled this off by poking fun at herself, 'singing' stridently and off-tune and making so many gaffes and goofs that people finally 'forgot' how intimidatingly glamorous she was.
He said that with this mechanism, an automatic complaint system would be generated which would not only help the people in the resolution of their problems stridently but also finish the negative burden on the departments.
But when you know you get to say it stridently in front of millions of people on TV, that motivated me to learn it.