strike home

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Verb1.strike home - refer to or be relevant or familiar tostrike home - refer to or be relevant or familiar to; "I hope this message hits home!"
impress, strike, affect, move - have an emotional or cognitive impact upon; "This child impressed me as unusually mature"; "This behavior struck me as odd"
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يُصيبُ كلامَه الصَّميم
tnout do živého
eleven: az elevenére tapint
hitta í mark
ťať do živého


(straik) past tense struck (strak) : past participles struck ~stricken (ˈstrikən) verb
1. to hit, knock or give a blow to. He struck me in the face with his fist; Why did you strike him?; The stone struck me a blow on the side of the head; His head struck the table as he fell; The tower of the church was struck by lightning.
2. to attack. The enemy troops struck at dawn; We must prevent the disease striking again.
3. to produce (sparks or a flame) by rubbing. He struck a match/light; He struck sparks from the stone with his knife.
4. (of workers) to stop work as a protest, or in order to force employers to give better pay. The men decided to strike for higher wages.
5. to discover or find. After months of prospecting they finally struck gold/oil; If we walk in this direction we may strike the right path.
6. to (make something) sound. He struck a note on the piano/violin; The clock struck twelve.
7. to impress, or give a particular impression to (a person). I was struck by the resemblance between the two men; How does the plan strike you?; It / The thought struck me that she had come to borrow money.
8. to mint or manufacture (a coin, medal etc).
9. to go in a certain direction. He left the path and struck (off) across the fields.
10. to lower or take down (tents, flags etc).
1. an act of striking. a miners' strike.
2. a discovery of oil, gold etc. He made a lucky strike.
ˈstriker noun
1. a worker who strikes.
2. in football, a forward player.
ˈstriking adjective
noticeable or impressive. She is tall and striking; She wears striking clothes.
ˈstrikingly adverb
be (out) on strike
(of workers) to be striking. The electricity workers are (out) on strike.
call a strike
(of a trade union leader etc) to ask workers to strike.
come out on strike
(of workers) to strike.
come/be within striking distance of
to come very close to.
strike at
to attempt to strike, or aim a blow at (a person etc). He struck at the dog with his stick.
strike an attitude / a pose
to place oneself in a particular usually rather showy pose.
strike a balance
to reach a satisfactory middle level of compromise between two undesirable extremes.
strike a bargain/agreement
to make a bargain; to reach an agreement.
strike a blow for
to make an effort on behalf of (a cause etc).
strike down
to hit or knock (a person) down. He was struck down by a car / a terrible disease.
strike dumb
to amaze. I was struck dumb at the news.
strike fear/terror etc into
to fill (a person) with fear etc. The sound struck terror into them.
strike home
(of a blow, insult etc) to reach the place where it will hurt most.
strike it rich
to make a lot of money.
strike lucky
to have good luck in a particular matter.
strike out
1. to erase or cross out (a word etc). He read the essay and struck out a word here and there.
2. to start fighting. He's a man who strikes out with his fists whenever he's angry.
strike up
1. to begin to play a tune etc. The band struck up (with) `The Red Flag'.
2. to begin (a friendship, conversation etc). He struck up an acquaintance with a girl on the train.
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All their weapons strike home; no matter whether it be a brave man or a coward that hurls them, Jove speeds all alike, whereas ours fall each one of them without effect.
Here is no let or hindrance to thy weapon- Strike home. I will not fight thee.
Now, sword, strike home! For horns he gave I'll have his head anon.
It is hoped the visa ban warning will strike home with those who may be plotting to undermine the 2019 election.