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Closed, immobilized, or slowed down by a strike: a strikebound airline.


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) (of a factory, etc) closed or made inoperative by a strike



closed by a strike.
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Adj.1.strikebound - closed or immobilized by a strike; "a strikebound airline"
inactive - lacking activity; lying idle or unused; "an inactive mine"; "inactive accounts"; "inactive machinery"


[ˈstraɪkˌbaʊnd] adj (factory) → paralizzato/a da uno sciopero
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NNA - Burj-Shmali refugee camp has been strikebound against slashed UNRWA medical and educational services upon calls from local popular committees and factions, Mahmoud Taha of the ad-hoc popular committee, has stated today.
His early work, such as his 1930s-set striking-coalminers drama Strikebound (1984)--a direct thematic cousin of his 1979 docudrama short, Evictions, about the struggles of the unemployed in 1930s Melbourne--is imbued with the folk legacy that could echo a Paul Kelly tune about the hard-done-by working man.
At the same time the Zionist leadership demanded that the government recruit Jews as supernumerary policemen, that it not stop immigration, and that it permit the construction of a jetty in Tel Aviv, since Jaffa Port was strikebound and it was impossible to unload goods or disembark immigrants there.
However, new rules limited union picketing at locations beyond an employer's strikebound place of business.
The movies included Newsfront (1978), Careful, He Might Hear You (1983) and Strikebound (1984) but it was perhaps in the television mini-series that labour history truly came into its own, with The Dismissal (1983), The Last Bastion (1984), Waterfront (1984), Land of Hope (1986) and True Believers (1988).
the strikes also had a profoundly positive effect on those Aframaxes which were not strikebound in the Med/Bsea, but with the expectation that the strikes are soon due to end, activity is down, and rates appear to be drifting lower.
Does Postman Pat know something I don't, or is this a touch of gallows humour from this rather slow, strikebound industry?
SCROOGE is alive and well and working for Superdrug as a "human relations" executive at its strikebound distribution depot in west Yorkshire.
While Hamas gains popularity and clout among Palestinians by breaking Israel's stranglehold on Gaza, even temporarily, Abbas' West Bank administration is strikebound - civil servants walked off the job in a two-day protest against a new regulation aimed at forcing West Bank Palestinians to pay millions of dollars (euros) in back utility bills.
Government offices, seaports, the central bank and local municipalities are strikebound.
If it is rejected, there is no employment, production, or sales, in period t; the firm is then strikebound.