The act or an instance of typing a character over one already typed.


printed text that has been struck over or though with a line


(ˈstraɪkˌoʊ vər)

1. an act or instance of typing over a character without erasing it.
2. the typed-over character.
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As for issueswith the union of workers, Anderson pointed out that there have been some issues between the UN and the ASU, which includes 4400 workers who have sent a 21-day-notice to the UN to escalate strikeover " low salaries and severe staff shortages," a protest which was started at the end of September.
My personal preference would have been to use strikeover type to indicate cancellations, though square brackets have the advantage that they can be nested to accommodate cancellations within cancellations.
A blank, a strikeover, xxxx, a kiss (before or after a hug), xoxoxo.
Cases being heard at Warwick Crown Court could be disrupted as workers stage a one-day strikeover job cuts, pay and privatisation.
Now, some of those early transcripts were final typed, because Dean Albertson, who had been the original interviewer with Nevins and who had been the assistant director and set up the Washington office under Nevins, wouldn't allow a page that had a strikeover on it.
It was typed somewhat messily on an old upright typewriter, with strikeovers, missing a few commas and a couple of apostrophes, on a piece of yellowed newsroom copy paper:
Chapter 6-6 covers the subject of strikeovers, erasures, and alterations.
One consultant said the piece should look cheap--grocery bag paper is fine, strikeovers OK.