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Noun1.string section - the section of an orchestra that plays stringed instrumentsstring section - the section of an orchestra that plays stringed instruments
section - a division of an orchestra containing all instruments of the same class
violin section - the section of an orchestra that plays violins
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Since 1993 all Segerstam's works have been composed to be conductorless, putting a vastly-multiplied chamber music responsibility upon the players, not least each string section as it responds to its leader.
Energetic Kanye, on a health kick at the moment, had taken to the stage with a seven-piece all female string section and launched straight into the track Diamonds of Sierra Leone.
It was apparent from the very outset that a somewhat over-augmented string section yielded a rather ungainly and muffled effect.
A string section failed to liven up the old songs and it was only the Stevie Jackson numbers (The Wrong Girl) that made you look up from your shoes.
The venue's ballroom vibe suited their pseudo avant garde style - the nine-piece touring band includes a string section and flautist - down to the ground, and the acoustics also did them proud on a night when they truly sparkled.
With a drummer, guitarist and string section backing him, Antony really doesn't do much more than Jeff Buckley or Rufus Wainwright before him.
Viola player Matthew Kettle, from Cradley, in Dudley, played pieces by Bloch, Hummel and contemporary Welsh composer Rhian Samuel to win the string section of the regional finals at Birmingham Conservatoire.
The orchestras style and musical integrity are chiefly characterized by a string section known for its warmth and virtuosity, crafted under the leadership of a seasoned conductor.
Backed by a string section, songs like I'm Lost Without You, How Can I Be Sure and Still I'm Sad were the perfect backdrop for that still peerless voice, full of drama and emotion, but with that hint of darkness.
01543 412121 The ELO Experience The world's foremost tribute band to the The Electric Light Orchestra comes with a string section, light show and large projection screen.
A dazzling eight-piece band, including the famous string section, gives fresh life to all the ELO classics including Mr Blue Sky, Evil Woman, Livin'Thing, Wild West Hero, Don't Bring Me Down.
Reid begins the journey a cappella, establishing her voice as the centerpiece of the album, and is then joined by a sweeping cinematic string section.