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Noun1.string section - the section of an orchestra that plays stringed instrumentsstring section - the section of an orchestra that plays stringed instruments
section - a division of an orchestra containing all instruments of the same class
violin section - the section of an orchestra that plays violins
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This came to fruition with a blossoming orchestra, most apparent in the enlarged string section.
Tomorrow, O2 Academy, Birmingham, 0844 477 2000 McAlmont & Butler A special show in which the rock/soul music duo will be backed by members of The Magic Numbers and a string section.
Full marks to the string section for bring all of these out in perfect fashion.
The Bournemouth brass players were on fine form in the Wagner as, indeed, was the string section.
Twin Atlantic's journey from playing Bloc as a three-piece to headlining the Hydro as a four-piece with added string section has been incredible.
Members of Royal Northern Sinfonia string section will be performing three works for string ensemble from renowned composers Joseph Haydn, Ernest John Moeran and Claude Debussy.
In a nicely paced concert, Simply Red perform new songs and old, alongside native Cuban players, a string section and some exuberant local dancers.
Rodgers will perform a orchestral version of Get Lucky, while Amy will perform Mr Rock & Roll with the RSNO's string section.
The string section was exceptional, and I was particularly drawn to concertmaster (first violinist) Raphael Christ.
Soul singer Joss Stone performed 'A Taste of Honey,' accompanied by a full string section, while Ian Broudie of The Lightning Seeds sang 'Do You Want to Know a Secret?
A minute or so into the show there is a danger of him losing the mainstream audience who think the sight of a string section playing a classical piece is enough to reach for the remote control, so little wonder a burst of Lady Gaga is thrown into the mix to bring them back.
They have even managed to rope in a 22-piece string section and a choir, main man Bruce Soord confirming: "No expense has been spared regarding the production of this record but at its heart it's still a rock record.