string together

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w>string together

vt sep words, sentencesaneinanderreihen; she can’t even string two sentences togethersie bringt keinen vernünftigen Satz zusammen; she can’t string her thoughts together coherentlysie ist unfähig, zusammenhängend zu denken
References in classic literature ?
Again, if you string together a set of speeches expressive of character, and well finished in point of diction and thought, you will not produce thc essential tragic effect nearly so well as with a play which, however deficient in these respects, yet has a plot and artistically constructed incidents.
You can customise your team's look and also string together your very own choreographed routine.
3 on Betfair early last night to turn the match on its head and make the quarter-finals, trailed the dual finalist 4-0 but came out fighting after the interval to string together runs of 101, 63 and 118 to trail 4-3.
They couldn't string together more than two or three passes.
Visitors to the exhibit are invited to lend a helping hand to those in need of a Thanksgiving meal by donating money and helping string together a faux cranberry garland.