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1. Imposing rigorous standards of performance; severe: stringent safety measures.
2. Constricted; tight: operating under a stringent time limit.
3. Characterized by scarcity of money, credit restrictions, or other financial strain: stringent economic policies.

[Latin stringēns, stringent-, present participle of stringere, to draw tight; see streig- in Indo-European roots.]

strin′gen·cy n.
strin′gent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.stringently - in a stringent manner; "the laws are stringently enforced"; "stringently controlled"
بِصَرامَه، بِتَشَدُّد
sıkı biçimde


[ˈstrɪndʒəntlɪ] ADVseveramente, rigurosamente


adv controlstreng; enforce, train alsohart; deal withenergisch; economizeeisern


(striŋ) noun
1. (a piece of) long narrow cord made of threads twisted together, or tape, for tying, fastening etc. a piece of string to tie a parcel; a ball of string; a puppet's strings; apron-strings.
2. a fibre etc, eg on a vegetable.
3. a piece of wire, gut etc on a musical instrument, eg a violin. His A-string broke; (also adjective) He plays the viola in a string orchestra.
4. a series or group of things threaded on a cord etc. a string of beads.
verbpast tense, past participle strung (straŋ)
1. to put (beads etc) on a string etc. The pearls were sent to a jeweller to be strung.
2. to put a string or strings on (eg a bow or stringed instrument). The archer strung his bow and aimed an arrow at the target.
3. to remove strings from (vegetables etc).
4. to tie and hang with string etc. The farmer strung up the dead crows on the fence.
strings noun plural
(in an orchestra, the group of people who play) stringed instruments, ie violins, violas, 'cellos and double basses. The conductor said the strings were too loud.
ˈstringy adjective
(especially of meat or vegetables) having a lot of tough fibres.
ˈstringiness noun
string bean
the long, edible green or yellow pod of certain beans.
stringed instruments
musical instruments that have strings eg violins, guitars etc.
have (someone) on a string
to have (a person) under one's control.
pull strings
to use one's influence or that of others to gain an advantage.
pull the strings
to be the person who is really, though usually not apparently, controlling the actions of others.
string out
to stretch into a long line. The runners were strung out along the course.
strung up
very nervous.
stringent (ˈstrindʒənt) adjective
(of rules etc) very strict, or strongly enforced. There should be much more stringent laws against the dropping of rubbish in the streets.
ˈstringently adverb
ˈstringency noun
1. the quality of being strict.
2. scarcity of money for lending etc. in times of stringency; (also adjective) The government are demanding stringency measures.
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Having in mind that the decision for amnesty was a gesture which wasn't connected with the laws and was stringently convicted by the internal and external public and the international factor, President Ivanov decided to withdraw his decision, Zhurnal reports.
Penelope Ann Miller plays Letourneau, who was reared in a stringently conservative family and, the film suggests, willingly submitted to sibling incest in her teens.
The major focus of activity has consistently been in the Nordic countries, the UK, Germany, France and Italy, where the EC's regulatory framework has been most stringently applied.
Xhaferi stringently refuted the speculations that he will leave his current function.
The board also urged district staff not to comment on Belmont - a request that senior officials have stringently adhered to.
The BorderGuard 6000 product suite is one of the most stringently tested and validated solutions in the marketplace - earning several certifications and equipment validations, including Common Criteria, FIPS 140-2, DoD SPOCK, and HIPAA.
BDI MP Artan Grubi stringently reacted against PDSH spokesperson Luan Tresi who accused that BDI is servile to former PM Nikola Gruevski.
8 miles from the trailhead, it's the one lake that escaped the closure of 1966, when the DFG recommended the golden trout spawning project be more stringently preserved.
Factors such as the ability to stringently prioritize traffic and dynamically provision the last mile, and the ability to easily and continually enhance and scale our service innovation from the network edge have made ONX the right choice.
NDP leader Vesel Memedi in an interview for "Zhurnal" stringently refuted the speculation that allegedly NDP party will assimilate with the PDSH Reform Movement, led by Zijadin Sela.
Deciding that all the hooking, holding and grabbing that had become commonplace was limiting goal scoring, the league decreed that officials would stringently enforce obstruction rules.
To win the MVP Quality Award, HTC was judged stringently amongst many industry competitors through the use of a 16-point set of criteria for its overall policies and procedures in human resources, technologies, customer services, ergonomics and public image that are used to establish, sustain and measure service quality.