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Noun1.stringybark - any of several Australian eucalypts having fibrous inner bark
eucalypt, eucalyptus tree, eucalyptus - a tree of the genus Eucalyptus
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Jeanes and Backhouse (2006: 48) noted that the species is Apparently restricted to a small area east of Warrnambool, where it grew in Messmate Stringybark (Eucalyptus obliqua) lowland forest, on grey sandy loam.' The final Victorian record, of November 1992, by Gellibrand River Road, occurred in 'Heath.' There are no other details.
Three starts after winning at Kempton last April, Stringybark Creek wasn't disgraced when finishing in mid-division in the Windsor Castle at Royal Ascot.
The WO site (38[degrees]24'26.7"S, 144[degrees]11'26.5"E; +1.99 m AHD) was located approximately 250 m from the estuary channel and dominated by a range of Eucalyptus spp., including brown stringybark (Eucalyptus baxteri) and messmate stringybark (Eucalyptus obliqua).
The form has also been stamped, too, as Stringybark Creek, who was a nine-length second that day, has since trotted up at Kempton.
The form has also been stamped, too, as Stringybark Creek, who was a ninelength second that day, has since trotted up at Kempton.
Round Bendigo, Vic., recorded in Red Stringybark, Red Box Eucalyptus polyanthemos and Long-leaved Box E.
Experiments with hardwood species, such as blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus), shining gum (Eucalyptus nitens), stringybark (Eucalyptus muellerana), messmate (Eucalyptus obliqua), and Paulownia (Paulownia fortunei and Paulownia elongata), as well as softwood species, such as Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis), radiata pine (Pinus radiata), and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga taxifolia) heartwood, show that full cross section preservative penetration can be achieved.
Paula Hunt's story of Ned Kelly provides a basic outline in two-page chapters of his career from the exploits of his youth to the formation of his gang the murder of the police at Stringybark Creek, the bank robbery at Euroa, the weekend at Jerilderie, the last stand at Glenrowan and his execution by hanging.
tetrodonta (Darwin stringybark), Syncarpia glomulifera (turpentine) Brazil Adenanthera pavonina Australia, Africa, Asia, (circassian seed), Cassia Caribbean, Central America, grandis (carao), Erythrinia Fiji, New Zealand, South velutina (coral tree), E.
The completed sand sculpture, enclosed with eucalyptus (stringybark) leaves and termed the Molk, is formed during the night of day one and becomes the focus of the ceremonial activities for the week.