strip away

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w>strip away

vt sep layer of dirt, turf, barkablösen, abziehen; (fig) pretence, hypocrisyabwerfen, über Bord werfen (inf)
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We need to get back to the essence of successful teaching - strip away the workload that doesn't add value and give teachers the time and the space to focus on what actually matters.
Q Some time ago you suggested using Strip Away paint remover to remove paint from doors.
It's called Strip Away and it is basically a caustic paste that breaks down and liquefies layers of paint in one go.
Wind already generating more than 10 percent of the electricity in five US states; strip away subsidies, and it's the cheapest energy source
Strip away the clothes and make-up, and she's just like millions of other mums doing their best to keep their kids happy.
But strip away the hype, and the Tories are simply speaking common sense.
This 10 piece band promises to strip away the winter blues courtesy of a gig fronted by the vocal talents of Anna Scott&Cherie Gears & backed by a heavyweight horn and rhythm section.
THEY 'over-intellectualise' music according to old clever clogs himself Noel Gallagher, but strip away the posturing and Bloc Party's songs more than stand up to scrutiny.
In patients with MS, inflammatory cells strip away myelin sheaths, and the subsequent nerve damage results in fatigue, poor balance, and loss of muscle control.
We are outing the people who have signed up to strip away our rights, but we are also outing ourselves.
And so we strip away our self-deceptions and the wails we build around ourselves.