strip away

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w>strip away

vt sep layer of dirt, turf, barkablösen, abziehen; (fig) pretence, hypocrisyabwerfen, über Bord werfen (inf)
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Q Some time ago you suggested using Strip Away paint remover to remove paint from doors.
It's called Strip Away and it is basically a caustic paste that breaks down and liquefies layers of paint in one go.
In patients with MS, inflammatory cells strip away myelin sheaths, and the subsequent nerve damage results in fatigue, poor balance, and loss of muscle control.
After Pretty Boy Floyd Landis finds out whether his sample ``B'' is toxic enough to strip away both the waxy buildup on his kitchen floor and his Tour de France title, will he join his pal Jack Daniels for one last spin on the Schwinn?
We are outing the people who have signed up to strip away our rights, but we are also outing ourselves.
And so we strip away our self-deceptions and the wails we build around ourselves.
A shake-up of West Yorkshire's fire service will strip away unnecessary red tape, it was said today.
The beetles' job will be to strip away every particle of meat to reveal the bones beneath.
They've managed to strip away the most confining elements of progressive hardcore and refreshed the sound with vocal inflections, thump-ier beats and even some white-noise exploration.
The principal Enlightenment thinkers--Hume, Adam Smith, and Kant--believed that if one could strip away tradition and superstition, it would be possible to formulate a set of moral principles that would compel assent by reason alone.
He wants to strip away the labels with which we have become comfortable and shift the spotlight away from the iconic figures of black thought and activism.