strip away

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w>strip away

vt sep layer of dirt, turf, barkablösen, abziehen; (fig) pretence, hypocrisyabwerfen, über Bord werfen (inf)
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"We won't allow the Trump administration to strip away our members or strip away their rights," Working Families United wrote, adding that "we will keep organizing until we see action in every branch of government to protect workers and union members with TPS".
In his first major speech, the Education Secretary will promise school leaders the Government will "strip away" pointless tasks.
But the very enzymes bacteria use to construct that shield can also destroy some of its molecules and strip away the protection, researchers report May 20 in Science Advances.
In this twopart documentary, computer graphics are used to strip away the earth and lay bare this secret world of hidden rivers, mines, power stations, iconic buildings and amazing wildlife.
Q Some time ago you suggested using Strip Away paint remover to remove paint from doors.
It's called Strip Away and it is basically a caustic paste that breaks down and liquefies layers of paint in one go.
Wind already generating more than 10 percent of the electricity in five US states; strip away subsidies, and it's the cheapest energy source
PUB chiefs and musicians have welcomed the proposed end of restrictions on concerts in small venues as part of a government effort to strip away licensing red tape.
The impact from a space rock 500m to 1km in diameter would send vast amounts of sea water into the atmosphere where chemicals such as chloride and bromide would strip away significant amounts of ozone which provides a shield against harmful sun rays, according to US expert Dr Elisabetta Pierazzo.
Forget them, cast them out of your bestiary, disinfect them, strip away their inopportune melancholy.
This process has the potential to begin to strip away layers of accumulated media influence.