strip down

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Verb1.strip down - get undressedstrip down - get undressed; "please don't undress in front of everybody!"; "She strips in front of strangers every night for a living"
take off - remove clothes; "take off your shirt--it's very hot in here"
undress, disinvest, divest, strip - remove (someone's or one's own) clothes; "The nurse quickly undressed the accident victim"; "She divested herself of her outdoor clothes"; "He disinvested himself of his garments"
take off - take away or remove; "Take that weight off me!"

w>strip down

vt sep engineauseinandernehmen, zerlegen
vi to strip down to one’s underwearsich bis auf die Unterwäsche ausziehen
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It wouldn't be the first time for Williams to strip down to her undies.
Decker is the last one to strip down and the nude bodies of all the stars are blurred out in the video.
If those radicals can target a law of their choosing (Obamacare) and, using that law as a bargaining chip, demand repeal or strip down of that law to keep the government running, what is to stop them from demanding the full resignation of a duly elected president (another accomplishment of the freely held, democratic election), or a strip down of his powers, ceding significant chunks to GOP leader Boehner for example?
Here, up comes another grey background this time with biggish photos in a single long strip down the single page which makes up the site.
Not until track nine does he strip down to his trance roots and reclaim his domain.
STRIP DOWN to Capezio Overs and Unders when the weather gets hot.