strip off

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يُعَرّي، يَتَعَرّى
taka af

w>strip off

vt sep clothesausziehen; berries, leavesabmachen (prep obj von); (wind) → herunterwehen (prep obj von); paperabziehen (prep obj von); buttons, ornamentsentfernen, abmachen (prep obj von); fruit skin, barkabschälen, ablösen (prep obj von); to strip off the leavesdie Blätter vom Zweig entfernen
(= take one’s clothes off)sich ausziehen; (at doctor’s) → sich frei machen; (in striptease) → strippen (inf)
(bark)sich abschälen lassen; (paper)sich abziehen lassen


(strip) past tense, past participle stripped verb
1. to remove the covering from something. He stripped the old varnish off the wall; He stripped the branch (of its bark) with his knife.
2. to undress. She stripped the child (naked) and put him in the bath; He stripped and dived into the water; They were told to strip to the waist.
3. to remove the contents of (a house etc). The house/room was stripped bare / stripped of its furnishings; They stripped the house of all its furnishings.
4. to deprive (a person) of something. The officer was stripped of his rank for misconduct.
1. a long narrow piece of (eg cloth, ground etc). a strip of paper.
2. a strip cartoon.
3. a footballer's shirt, shorts, socks etc. The team has a red and white strip.
strip cartoon
a row of drawings, eg in a newspaper or comic paper, telling a story.
ˈstrip-lighting noun
lighting by long tubes rather than bulbs.
ˌstrip-ˈtease noun
the act, by a woman, of removing her clothes one by one as a theatrical entertainment.
a strip-tease show.
strip off
to remove clothes or a covering from a thing or person. He stripped (his clothes) off and had a shower; The doctor stripped his bandage off.
References in classic literature ?
And blameless Cycnus was glad, for he looked to slay the warlike son of Zeus and his charioteer with the sword, and to strip off their splendid armour.
Even now Zeus who reigns over the blessed gods gives you power to slay Cycnus and to strip off his splendid armour.
Ares, check your fierce anger and matchless hands; for it is not ordained that you should kill Heracles, the bold-hearted son of Zeus, and strip off his rich armour.
ISLAMABAD -- The National Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel Tuesday recommended to strip off shooter Mohammad Shehzad Akhtar's bronze medal which he had won during the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, Baku Azerbaijan 2017.
Theresa May hasn't got to strip off to be a successful women - God forbid
Defending herself, Hadfield-Hyde, of Warton Street, Lytham St Annes, claimed she had been ordered to strip off by a guard.
I've always been happy to strip off, but I'm getting so confident with my body that I would happily take my clothes off anywhere now
Gay Kansas Strip Off will be held on Saturday, Sept.
In January this year the play started a national tour, with dates around the country and an ever-changing cast, suggesting plenty of stars are keen to strip off on stage to be part of the phenomenon.
1 : to strip off the skin or bark of <I'm peeling apples.
The decision to strip off came after fears the recession will hit the club's usual sponsorship streams.