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v. strip-mined, strip-min·ing, strip-mines
1. To mine (ore) from a strip mine.
2. To subject to strip mining: strip-mined the land.
To engage in strip mining.

strip miner n.
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v.t., v.i. -mined, -min•ing.
to excavate by open-cut methods.
strip′ mine`, n.
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Archangel, then, is a tale of political power and corruption in which self-interested political elites effectively attempt to strip-mine a parallel timeline for their own gain.
The show's return sees Selina on a book tour for her ghost-written autobiography and waiting for the right moment to announce that she will be running for president - a rich new seam of material for Armando Iannucci and his team to strip-mine.
But the whole point of a bankruptcy is to solve deep and structural problems in the economic organisation of a major city not to strip-mine everything from the Bellinis at the museum to the baboons at the Detroit Zoo for however much one-time cash you can squeeze out of them.
You can't neglect it, exploit it, strip-mine it, pollute it and wonder what happened to the birds and the bees.