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v. strip-mined, strip-min·ing, strip-mines
1. To mine (ore) from a strip mine.
2. To subject to strip mining: strip-mined the land.
To engage in strip mining.

strip miner n.
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Adj.1.strip-mined - mined near the earth's surface by stripping
mined - extracted from a source of supply as of minerals from the earth
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Many fabricate their jewelry using eco-gold and silver--reclaimed (recycled) precious metals rather than strip-mined from the earth.
Lindsey said the proposed plant would be a mine-mouth operation, where the lignite is strip-mined and then burned at a gasification plant near the mine's mouth.
Curtis himself has strip-mined the form, as evident in the last tepid ``Bridget Jones'' movie and the never-ending ``Love Actually.
The strip-mining, I must report, does indeed take place, All the charm and breezy fun of the original TV series has been ruthlessly strip-mined away in this big-screen outing.
Americans are learning, to their dismay, that success in the new global environment means a radically reduced standard of living as our industrial and hi-tech sectors are shamelessly strip-mined by our rootless, amoral ruling elite.
That project was unveiled last fall at a community event at The Wilds, a 15,000-acre refuge for endangered exotic animals established on reclaimed strip-mined lands.
The study site is the Wilds which is a wildlife conservation facility located in southeastern Ohio occupying approximately 9,154 acres of reclaimed strip-mined land.
Corporations-by their nature as independent, potentially immortal entities-are not strip-mined by the government whenever one of their proprietors dies.
The location and several additional square miles of adjacent land had been cleared and strip-mined.