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Noun1.striped hyena - of northern Africa and Arabia and Indiastriped hyena - of northern Africa and Arabia and India
hyaena, hyena - doglike nocturnal mammal of Africa and southern Asia that feeds chiefly on carrion
genus Hyaena - type genus of the Hyaenidae
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Photo credit: Social media) The Arabian leopard, sand gazelle, Nubian ibex, and striped hyena, some of the critically endangered animals native to Saudi Arabia.
The forest houses a network of pristine rivers and rivulets that supply freshwater to this dry teak forest, and to the resident species which include the Indian cobra, the Ruddy mongoose, the striped hyena, and the honey badger.
The striped hyena is the most common in India, though it is possible that spotted hyenas once roamed there too.
But yesterday it emerged that at least one more tiger, a bear and a striped hyena are still feared to be on the loose.
At least one more tiger, a bear and a striped hyena were still unaccounted for last night - two days after residents were assured there was no further danger.
The striped hyena (Hyaena hyaena Linnaeus, 1758) is a near threatened large carnivore having a wider distribution range than other hyenas.
They have also captured photographs of striped hyena, the Arabian wolf, Blanford's fox, rock hyrax, caracal lynx, Nubian ibex, Arabian gazelle and many other mammals of one of the most biodiversity regions of Arabia.
16) Aristotle tried to sort this out, patiently explaining that both the male and female Striped Hyena have anal scent pouches, which look like male scrotums; male hyenas, moreover, seemed to sport female genitalia: "under the tail a line like the pudendum of the female.
Though the mosaic also shows a striped hyena, an ibex, a spike-antlered spotted deer and a big-racked red stag, the hunters are clearly pursuing sport rather than food.
For example, the Arabian wolves and striped hyena are not native to Oman but we also have a few of those animals.
However, I learned from a previous post that there are various types of hyenas, one of them being the striped hyena which is an endangered species and is known to be extremely timid around humans.
Also under threat are 47 wild animals, including Persian leopard, Dalmatio Pelican, large-billed reed warbler, striped hyena, Marco Polo sheep, Markhor, musk deer, wild donkey, red sheep, Blansford's fox, eagle, stone marten and lesser kestrel.