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Noun1.striped hyena - of northern Africa and Arabia and Indiastriped hyena - of northern Africa and Arabia and India
hyaena, hyena - doglike nocturnal mammal of Africa and southern Asia that feeds chiefly on carrion
genus Hyaena - type genus of the Hyaenidae
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A female white rhinoceros, a male hippopotamus, a pair of royal brown Bengal tigers, a pair of chimpanzees, two female Asiatic wolves, a pair of red-necked lama guanacos, a pair of tortoises, three southern giraffes and a pair of striped hyenas are also in the list of the new work order issued to procure new animals.
According to the study, a golden retriever had more cortical neurons than larger animals as well, despite having an overall smaller brain: striped hyenas, African lions and brown bears.
After trekking through the frankincense-clad Qarra Mountains, where we followed the footprints of striped hyenas and discovered 4,000-year old pre-Islamic rock art, we were reunited with our own camels.
Striped hyenas do not have the telltale laughing cry, and are more common in India and West Asia.
In the present study, we assessed the current status and population density of striped hyenas in the semi-arid tropical forests of the Gir National Park and Sanctuary, India.
Twenty-five species of mammals and 170 types of birds are found in a nature reserve covering an area of 1,400 hectares (3,500 acres), including striped hyenas, caracals -- also known as the desert lynx -- and the Arabian tahr.
They include striped hyenas, caracals -- also known as the desert lynx -- and the Arabian tahr, a small goat-like mammal indigenous to the Hajar Mountains between the UAE and Oman.
Functioning like Renaissance putti, two Striped hyenas sit in the lower left-hand corner, guiding our eye into a scene of men, partly clothed in animal skins and armed with rudimentary weapons, who keep nature at a distance, while women prepare a banquet, marked by the bones at the cave entrance (fig.
His scent-marking research subjects are spotted and striped hyenas.
Theis, who co-authored the study with Kay Holekamp, MSU zoologist, studied multiple groups of male and female spotted hyenas and striped hyenas in Kenya.
But this collection quickly evolved into a conservation projA[degrees] ect for the endangered animal and then went on to include other species like the Arabian oryx, Arabian gazelles, Arabian wolves, striped hyenas, Arabian leopards and 25 other species of animals and more than 125 different species of exotic birds from around the world.
Summary: For striped hyenas Rita and Sara, the journey from southern Lebanon to southern France last week took two days, but for Animals Lebanon, it had been nearly a year in the making.