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strip 1

v. stripped, strip·ping, strips
a. To remove clothing or covering from: stripped the beds.
b. To remove or take off (clothing or covering): stripped off his shirt.
c. To remove an exterior coating, as of paint or varnish, from: stripped the cabinets.
d. To remove the leaves from the stalks of (tobacco, for example).
e. To clear of a natural covering or growth; make bare: strip a field.
a. To deprive of possessions, office, rank, privileges, or honors; divest: The court stripped him of his property.
b. To rob of wealth or property; plunder or despoil: stripped the palace of its treasures.
a. To remove equipment, furnishings, or accessories from: They stripped down the car to reduce its weight.
b. To remove nonessential detail from; reduce to essentials: The director stripped down her style of filmmaking.
c. To dismantle (a firearm, for example) piece by piece.
4. To damage or break the threads of (a screw, for example) or the teeth of (a gear).
a. To draw and discard the first drops of milk from the udder of (a cow or goat, for example) at the start of milking.
b. To draw the last drops of milk from the udder of (a cow or goat, for example) at the end of milking.
6. To extract the milt or roe from (a live fish).
7. To draw in (a fishing line) by hand, as between casts with a fly rod.
8. To mount (a photographic positive or negative) on paper to be used in making a printing plate.
a. To undress completely.
b. To perform a striptease.
2. To fall away or be removed; peel: The wallpaper strips away easily.
A striptease.

[Middle English stripen, from Old English -strȳpan, to plunder (in bestrȳpan).]

strip′pa·ble adj.

strip 2

a. A long narrow piece, usually of uniform width: a strip of paper; strips of beef.
b. A long narrow region of land or body of water.
2. A comic strip.
3. An airstrip.
4. An area, as along a busy street or highway, that is lined with a great number and variety of commercial establishments.
tr.v. stripped, strip·ping, strips
To cut or tear into strips.

[Middle English, perhaps from Middle Low German strippe, strap, thong.]
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able to be stripped
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Newly qualified by Airbus and now included in the aircraft manufacturer's specifications, Aerodur HS 2121 is part of AkzoNobel's latest generation decorative and selectively strippable system for aircraft exteriors, said a statement.
It was developed to meet all Airbus exterior system specifications, including the selective strippable systems.
Other cable applications include heat resistant insulation and easily strippable semi-conductive layers based on cross-linked polyethylene in medium voltage cables.
If you're lucky, the wallpaper on your walls could be strippable, which means it is designed to easily peel off.
Nevertheless, the value of intangibles is not strippable and it is usually attached to the rest of the company, i.e., its value is conditional on the continuation of the business.
All the strippable epithelium, including the septal and turbinate walls, was collected to maintain collection consistency between rats.
It has long-run capabilities and eliminates the need for strippable blankets.
The topics include microscopic particle contact adhesion models and macroscopic behavior of surface modified particles, high intensity ultrasonic cleaning for particle removal, a laser-induced high-pressure micro-spray process for nanoscale particle removal, applying strippable coatings for removing particulate contaminants, and using surfactants to enhance particle removal from surfaces.
From a cellular point of view, Thomas et al (9) described all calluses as having superficial strippable layers (loosely held together), with deeper cohesive underlying layers (firmly held together).
Lubricants, maintenance kits, punch & die sets, hot melt strippable protective coatings, threaded rods, layout fluids, markers, layout fluid removers, bearing & gear high spot locators, hand cleaner towels, hose benders, and wires are also available.