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Any of various instruments used to observe moving objects by making them appear stationary, especially with pulsed illumination or mechanical devices that intermittently interrupt observation.

[Greek strobos, a whirling; see streb(h)- in Indo-European roots + -scope.]

stro′bo·scop′ic (-skŏp′ĭk) adj.
stro′bo·scop′i·cal·ly adv.


1. (Electronics) an instrument producing a flashing light, the frequency of which can be synchronized with some multiple of the frequency of rotation, vibration, or operation of an object, etc, making it appear stationary. It is used to determine speeds of rotation or vibration, or to adjust objects or parts. Sometimes shortened to: strobe
2. (Photography) a similar device synchronized with the opening of the shutter of a camera so that a series of still photographs can be taken of a moving object
[C19: from strobo-, from Greek strobos a twisting, whirling + -scope]
stroboscopic, ˌstroboˈscopical adj
ˌstroboˈscopically adv


(ˈstroʊ bəˌskoʊp, ˈstrɒb ə-)

1. a device for studying the motion of a body, esp. a body revolving or vibrating rapidly, by making the motion appear to slow down or stop, as by periodically illuminating the body.
[1830–40; < Greek stróbo(s) action of whirling + -scope]
stro`bo•scop′ic (-ˈskɒp ɪk) stro`bo•scop′i•cal, adj.
stro•bos•co•py (strəˈbɒs kə pi) n.
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Noun1.stroboscope - scientific instrument that provides a flashing light synchronized with the periodic movement of an object; can make moving object appear stationary
scientific instrument - an instrument used by scientists


[ˈstrəʊbəskəʊp] Nestroboscopio m


nStroboskop nt
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The faade is lit by a series of stroboscopes that can be individually programmed.
com Christy Huizar, product sales Instrumentation: Worldwide distributor for many laboratory and measuring instruments, to include: tachometers, stroboscopes, pH meters, conductivity meters, turbidity meters, oxygen meters, refractometers, tension meters, wall mount/portable gas detectors, etc.
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In contrast to classical stroboscopes, the RCD running in a stroboscopic mode will imply that within the time interval between t = kT and t = (k + 1)T, a specific reconstructive inverse problem is solved, and its solution is "displayed" on the recording device (that can be understood literally, for example, a tomogram of a "dynamic object" with a given depth is displayed on the screen).
Optimized gullets, designed with the help of stroboscopes, contribute to minimizing this problem.
Recording devices, including power analyzers, digital stroboscopes, and temperature guns, were used in the data collection process.