strong belief

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Noun1.strong belief - an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence
belief - any cognitive content held as true
amateurism - the conviction that people should participate in sports as a hobby (for the fun of it) rather than for money
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'That gentleman yonder--' pointing to the clergyman--'has often in the last few days spoken to me of faith, and strong belief. You see what I am--more brute than man, as I have been often told--but I had faith enough to believe, and did believe as strongly as any of you gentlemen can believe anything, that this one life would be spared.
'If this was not faith, and strong belief!' cried Hugh, raising his right arm aloft, and looking upward like a savage prophet whom the near approach of Death had filled with inspiration, 'where are they!
He had a strong belief, which was a lifelong habit, and required no definite evidence to rest on, that his father could spend a great deal of money if he chose; and since his education at Mr.
But Charley Harling and I had a strong belief that he had been along this very river.
"But there's a strong belief down here we can cause an upset.
"We're operating our church out of a strong belief that we have the right to be doing this, and that the zoning commission is violating our constitutional rights, "Alex Pritts says.
A strong belief in social justice# Character weakness?
"Long-term, if we have the opportunity to franchise and enter other regional markets and allow others to follow this model, it's a very strong belief of ours that it could work."
There is a strong belief that future systems will be increasingly robust and reliable, and capable of greatly enhancing safety.
Robin Hart, managing director, said: 'This acquisition demonstrates the strong belief in continuing rental and capital growth in the Sutton Coldfield retail and commercial market.'
"To the extent a provider organization strongly believes that its underlying facility risk is limited to straight per diems, and to the extent the reinsurer provides coverage to that strong belief, results could be devastating to the organization if their assumptions were incorrect." In these situations, a substantial and unexpected increase in expenses and corresponding drain on the organization's capital can occur.
Since both Saul and Sack have a strong belief in the natural synchronicity of the universe, it could well be that this first foray into the gay press--and their first "outing" as collaborative couple--will harmonize with their next brainstorming session to create the first "John Saul" novel with just a touch of A Fairy Tale.