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Adj.1.strong-growing - tending to spread quicklystrong-growing - tending to spread quickly; "an aggressive tumor"
invasive - marked by a tendency to spread especially into healthy tissue; "invasive cancer cells"
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Many strong-growing varieties are available - including Harlequin, with its attractive variegated foliage - but all should be pruned in early spring to keep them under control.
in line with its strong-growing expansion plans for India, has found a total of 10 new products covering different product segments-Passenger Cars, Truck and Light Commercial Vehicle.
That these businesses are choosing Bahrain as their base for accessing the Gulf economies and the wider Middle East is testament to the strength of the local Bahraini workforce, the quality of the Central Bank of Bahrain's regulation and the access we provide to the strong-growing Gulf market which is now worth over a trillion dollars.