structural formula

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structural formula

A chemical formula that shows how the atoms and bonds in a molecule are arranged.

structural formula

(Chemistry) a chemical formula showing the composition and structure of a molecule. The atoms are represented by symbols and the structure is indicated by showing the relative positions of the atoms in space and the bonds between them: H–C≡C–H is the structural formula of acetylene. See also empirical formula, molecular formula

struc′tural for′mula

a chemical formula showing the linkage of the atoms in a molecule diagrammatically, as H–O–H.

struc·tur·al formula

A chemical formula that shows how the atoms making up a compound are arranged within the molecule. For example, the structural formula of aspirin is CH3COOC6H4COOH, indicating that it is an acetate (CH3COO) of a phenyl (C6H4) organic acid (COOH). Since structural formulas can get quite long, formulas are usually given with all the atoms totaled up instead (in this case, C9H8O4). Compare molecular formula.
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Noun1.structural formula - an expanded molecular formula showing the arrangement of atoms within the molecule
molecular formula - a chemical formula based on analysis and molecular weight
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2+] ions occupy A sites; structural formula of such ferrites is [Me.
Structural formula of these molecules were investigated from Chemspider, Pubcheme and Wikipedia, respectively ,and the orginal molecular structure of all compounds were found, their skeletal structures drawn with Chemschetch, Chemaxon, version 5.
161, molecular formula C6H11NS2 and structural formula CH3 S[(C[H.
The structural formula for various phases that involve ferrous and ferric iron was calculated using the approach recommended by Schumacher (Appendix 2 of Leake et al.
Each monograph includes information on nonproprietary names, synonyms, chemical name and Chemical Abstracts Service registry number, empirical formula and molecular weight, structural formula, functional category, applications in pharmaceutical formulation or technology, description, pharmacopoeial specifications, typical properties, stability and storage conditions, incompatibilities, method of manufacture, safety, handling precautions, regulatory status, related substances, specific and general references, and date of revision.
Since some (or all) of these quantities may not be known for not-so-well-described refrigerants, Brown used group contribution methods to estimate these parameters, with the only required input being the refrigerant's normal boiling point temperature (NBP) and its structural formula.
The new and improved brochure retains a lot of its previous models such as the recently launched longlife system range, incorporated into the company's Normandy, Normandy SEC, Picardie and Picardie SEC boots, in addition to its Dauphine half boots and Bresse clogs and claims to be so hard-wearing and durable that they "will hardly ever wear out" due to its molecule structural formula.
As Huff outlined, predicting carcinogenesis on the basis of chemical activity, such as mutagenicity, toxicity, or structural formula, is not a fully reliable methodology.

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