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 (rôl′fĭng, rŏl′-)
A service mark used for a technique of deep muscular manipulation and massage for the relief of bodily and emotional tension.


(Complementary Medicine) a massage technique based on achieving the symmetrical alignment of the body


(ˈrɔl fɪŋ, ˈrɒl-)
a type of massage therapy involving sometimes intensive manipulation of the fascia of the muscles and internal organs.
Rolf, v.t. Rolfed, Rolf•ing.
Rolf′er, n.


Also called structural integration, this is a form of deep massage designed to correct posture, developed by Ida Rolf.
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The subject of the contract is the content support of the client in the operationalization of the following two structural processing tools (preparation of manuals in close cooperation with the client): - transfer to a bridge institution (bi) in accordance with 107 (1) no.
Saegert (1979) found that deep semantic processing of brands led to better recall of brand names than shallow structural processing. While Saegert referred to the deep processing condition as semantic, some of his orientation questions suggest a SRE component to them: "Do you have this brand in your home?" and "Have you ever brought this brand?" (Saegert, 1979, p.
Sung materials can be used for investigating questions related to the architecture of structural processing in language and music.
But with science-fiction high-brow automated translation projects based on the qualitative structural processing of sentences more or less at a halt, down to earth translation professionals started to benefit from the advantages of computers in a fashion that tends instead towards the quantitative and statistic usage of information, words and sentences.
Thus, as phonological awareness demonstrates that the child possesses the perceptual precursors of decoding, ambiguity detection evaluates the lexical and structural processing operations that the child must transfer from auditory comprehension to text comprehension.

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