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v. strut·ted, strut·ting, struts
To walk with pompous bearing; swagger.
1. To display in order to impress others. Sometimes used with out: Don't strut out your resume until you have more accomplishments to list.
a. To provide (a structure) with a strut or struts.
b. To brace or separate with a strut.
1. A pompous, self-important gait.
2. A structural element used to brace or strengthen a framework by resisting stress or compression.
strut (one's) stuff Slang
To behave or perform in an ostentatious manner; show off.

[Middle English strouten, to stand out, from Old English strūtian, to stand out stiffly; see ster- in Indo-European roots.]

strut′ter n.
strut′ting·ly adv.
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"Nay," said Rob, "but you are a good fellow by this token, and if I win not, I hope you may keep the prize from yon strutters." And he nodded scornfully to the three other archers who were surrounded by their admirers, and were being made much of by retainers of the Sheriff, the Bishop, and the Earl.
I set up in a strut zone, looking for a late strutter heading to roost.
The two gobblers were not far behind and I pulled the trigger on the strutter at a mere 17 yards--all while laying prone in grass three inches tall.
Co-written by Paul Hupfield (Strutter) and Stewart Williams (The Friday Night Project), Lesbian Vampire Killers relies heavily on a repetitively foul-mouthed script which only third form boys would find funny - and they're mostly not old enough for the certificate.
Some hunters aim for the vitals on broadside turkeys, but visualizing the bull's-eye on a fluffed-up, broadside strutter can be nearly impossible.
Yet it doesn't matter how much you spend on a membership, there's always a strutter isn't there?
By August 1916, Collishaw was assigned to Three Wing where he flew a Sopwith 1.1/2 strutter to Luxeuil.
TODAY'S BEST BETS Bronco Billy 2.10 Hereford 1pt win Island Brave 2.50 Wolverhampton 1pt win Mr Strutter 3.25 Wolverhampton 1pt each-way There is a potential stamina issue regarding Island Brave, who steps up to 1m4f for the first time in the Betway Casino Handicap (2.50 Wolverhampton).
In Harlem Hot Feet Jacobs lends the vocals while the eight-piece Harry Strutter's Hot Rhythm Orchestra provides the music and the six-strong Jiving Lindy Hoppers supply the dances of the day from the Charleston to the Black Bottom.
"See that strutter on the ridge there, M.D.?" I answered yes.
Once again the musical trawl has netted national attractions such as Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band and Harry Strutter's Hot Rhythm Orchestra.
The Southampton strutter has, to be frank, never stood much of a chance, given the rough ride he invariably gets both from the London-biased national press and Wembley public.