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adj. stub·bi·er, stub·bi·est
a. Having the nature of or suggesting a stub, as in shortness, broadness, or thickness: stubby fingers and toes.
b. Having a short, stocky build; thickset.
2. Short and blunt, as from much use: a stubby pencil.
3. Covered with or made of stubs.
4. Short and bristly: a stubby beard.

stub′bi·ly adv.
stub′bi·ness n.
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Noun1.stubbiness - the property of being short and broad
lowness - the quality of being low; lacking height; "he was suddenly aware of the lowness of the ceiling"
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And while stubbiness usually translates into a small loading envelope, owners report that it's almost impossible to get the CG too far forward or aft.
Their bulk isn't a factor there, and their stubbiness could be a boon.
Besides striking stubbiness, blades sweep dramatically outward to create required cutting diameters.