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1. The short, stiff stalks of grain or hay remaining on a field after harvesting.
2. Something resembling this material, especially the short growth of hair that eventually protrudes from the skin after shaving.

[Middle English stuble, from Old French estuble, from Latin stupula, stupla, variant of stipula, straw.]

stub′bled adj.
stub′bly adj.


1. (Agriculture) having the stubs of stalks left after a crop has been cut and harvested
2. having a bristly growth or surface
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Adj.1.stubbled - having a short growth of beardstubbled - having a short growth of beard; "his stubbled chin"
unshaved, unshaven - not shaved
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In the title poem he writes: 'My voice in the dusty evening of Lahore/ Echoes from the chipped roof/ Of grandfather's grave/ The map of my life is all wrinkled/ The dust cloaks my stubbled face/ Sleeves upturned into a muddy pouch, my alphabets are singlehandedly sown in this city.
He's bald and stubbled, dressed all in black, with an earring in his left ear, a necklace in the shape of an anchor and a baseball cap at a rakish angle.
In that picture, though, details like my hair and my colleagues' stubbled faces were muddy, most likely due to motion blur.
For miles around, the earth is dun-colored and dry, stubbled with yellow grass.
Row after row of green, and then dark-skinned men and women, soaked with sweat, grunting, pulling up their machetes and slashing the rows, backs hunched, behind them the jungle earth stubbled with the bases of cane.
his stubbled cheek, and pausing to sink his teeth into the thin scrim of
ABURLY, STUBBLED, THIRTY-SOMETHING MAN pushes toward the bar, simultaneously fumbling with his jacket and ordering a beer.
Looking hunkier and mature with a stubbled face, British actor Joe Dempsie never seemed more like Gendry, the baseborn son of the stocky, hirsute monarch Robert Baratheon in the HBO drama series 'Game of Thrones.
People just have to get used to going from dapper Paul to stubbled Bannon in his wrinkled cargo shorts.
Bony was a freak in that regard, able to hold off defenders akin to a stubbled sixth-former toying with primary school kids on the playground, encouraging teammates to use him to ease pressure and then play off when they were able to move forward.
The screen glowed, plunging the surrounding mud and stubbled field into black.
I am sorry, but I think I destroyed about three billion biscuits" Former Tory minister Michael Portillo, who worked as a biscuit packer for a TV show "I can get away with walking around with a cap and sunglasses and no-one recognises me" TV chef Rick Stein, who nevertheless admits that "being famous can be fun" "He looks ineffectual, the very epitome, stubbled, vested and fully equipped with cycle clips, of the minor middle-class revolutionaries to be found in junior common rooms" Sir Bernard Ingham on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn "The vast majority of autobiographies are little more than selfies made script - people ceaselessly posing and preening" Writer Julie Burchill