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Ornamental work or moldings or a finish done in stucco.

stuc′co·work′er n.


(ˈstʌk oʊˌwɜrk)

moldings, decorative work, or a finish made of stucco.
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Continuing to pursue this project, he has nonetheless created an exhibition that activates unforeseen and unthinkable resonances between his painting and the context in which it appears: not only the Palazzo but the city of Venice itself, evoking Venetian stuccowork and the velvet fabrics of Mariano Fortuny.
Daylight pours in through a triple row of windows, illuminating the intricate stuccowork and golden ornamentation.
The relegation of stuccowork to the status of craft and the modernist distaste for architectural decoration per se has led to an artificial and unnecessary distinction in much of the literature between architectural space and its decoration, an unfortunate fissure which this volume does much to redress.