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Noun1.stud finder - a small permanent magnet in a metal containerstud finder - a small permanent magnet in a metal container; when the magnet clicks against the container it indicates that the magnet is directly over an iron nail that holds the wallboard to a stud
permanent magnet, static magnet - a magnet that retains its magnetism after being removed from a magnetic field
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Walabot DIY is a must have next generation stud finder for both professionals and DIYers as it can easily tackle all kinds of home renovation projects, including helping to detect the center of a stud, figuring out the location of load bearing walls, avoiding pipes and wires and more.
* Stud finder: Invest in a more foolproof method of locating studs behind drywall then knocking on the wall.
The ProSensorT6 is a compact stud finder with Franklin Sensors' patented Multi-Sense Technology.
Use a stud finder or some other method to locate the studs and mark them with tape.
You can also get a small, inexpensive stud finder at the hardware store if you want to go the guess-free route!
Get the look with a roll of Galerie African Queen (423112) wallpaper, PS49, from STUD FINDER We left the snakeskin panels to dry and then attached metallic strip upholstery studs around each perimeter to add another texture and give our sideboard some sparkle and Rock of Ages chic.
If you have a plaster wall or can't find studs by thumping, you can buy an inexpensive stud finder at home centers and hardware stores; it works by detecting concealed nails.
I can figure out where the stud is by knocking on the wall; he has to get the stud finder with the red beeping light.
The Stud 4 Sure stud finder uses rare earth magnets to pinpoint the exact location of screws or nails in a stud.
Ray likened Nervonix's pain-free alternative to "a stud finder," noting, "We literally complete a circuit," he said, comparing the device to shavers that use disposable razor blades.
Stud finder New gene banks were enabling researchers to analyze the genetic inheritance of bulls and better decide which daughters of those animals would yield prodigious quantities of milk (
Each Shelf Life unit contains a small, magnetic stud finder so that a consumer can find the most secure parts of a wall for mounting the shelf.