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Noun1.student center - a center for student activities at a college or university
center, centre - a building dedicated to a particular activity; "they were raising money to build a new center for research"
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One of the most popular events at the annual fest is the International Food Fair, coming to the Student Center Ballrooms at 11 a.
York Universitys campus was half its current size when the first student center was designed.
The expansion will make the Ethnic Student Center more than five times bigger, and provide more visible and accessible space for multicultural education and services.
Rhatigan Student Center 266 This training will cover gender identity, transitioning, challenges posed, myths, misconceptions and inclusive language.
Just as learning has become a more blended activity that happens both within and outside the classroom, the student center and its counterpart, the library, are viewed as hubs within a continuum of environments shaping student success.
CHALLENGE: Students had used the Alliot Student Center, built to serve less than 900 students, since 1961.
A good student center can even provide part time employment for students, as the food stands and retail outlets found there always require employees.
The Fels Student Center stands at the crossroads of campus and at the intersection of our students' academic, co-curricular and social experience.
The two-story student center features a 352-seat dining hall, kitchen, deck, game room, health and wellness facilities, counseling offices, a bistro and a bookstore, said Lyon spokesman Bob Qualls.
Announcing this at the second annual Family Day function of the Education City, Director of Student Center Dennis Busch said: "This is an occasion to showcase the incredible new facility.
Hostler Student Center was designed by James Associate Architects, with associate architect Samir Khairallah and Partners.
The university is building a new student center," Kennedy says.

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