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Noun1.student center - a center for student activities at a college or university
center, centre - a building dedicated to a particular activity; "they were raising money to build a new center for research"
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* Taste of SIU, 2 to 5p.m., Student Center Ballrooms.
Upon completion, the 48,000-square-foot student center will include a student lounge, a full kitchen with catering and cafeteria services, the Rose State College Bookstore, the offices of Student Affairs, multiple conference rooms and study areas for students and the community.
Completed this past spring, the Roger and Francine Jean Student Center Complex is a 53,280-square-foot building in the heart of the campus, on the site of the former Cardinal Cushing Student Center, which was built in 1960.
As an example, Arjan Chakrabarti (2016, [paragraph] 6), an MBA candidate at Texas A&M University, explained that his school's Flag Room lounge located in the Memorial Student Center "has everything, from history to modernity, from work to leisure, and it perfectly captures the Aggie Spirit." He noted that while the Flag Room is a perfect venue for relaxing, what he finds most rewarding about it is the opportunity to make new friends, making a point to meet a new person whenever he spends time in the room.
The expansion will make the Ethnic Student Center more than five times bigger, and provide more visible and accessible space for multicultural education and services.
Rhatigan Student Center 266 This training will cover gender identity, transitioning, challenges posed, myths, misconceptions and inclusive language.
The university moved the file to the switchboard of the publicly-accessible student center. The FCC has now granted the waiver allowing the school to keep the public file there.
* CHALLENGE: Students had used the Alliot Student Center, built to serve less than 900 students, since 1961.
As Hativa (2000) has identified, student centered instructional methods include discussion, group work, role-playing, experiential learning, problem based learning and case-method teaching.
A good student center can even provide part time employment for students, as the food stands and retail outlets found there always require employees.
"The Fels Student Center stands at the crossroads of campus and at the intersection of our students' academic, co-curricular and social experience.
Featuring underground parking, a three-story atrium, bowling/dance center, hair salon, clothing store, art gallery, recreation areas, meeting spaces, and food service venues, this new student center meets and exceeds the expectations of UST administrators.

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