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Noun1.student lodging - inexpensive supervised lodging (especially for youths on bicycling trips)
housing, living accommodations, lodging - structures collectively in which people are housed
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Tuition for the "DJ camp" includes the five days of seminars and instruction, student lodging, daily breakfast and lunch, classroom-style seminars, lectures, small group break-outs, in-studio demonstrations, one-on-one interaction with electronic music industry leaders and a graduation banquet hosted by Oakenfold.
Meanwhile, British property investment firm Knight Knox International will also look to lure investors into the UK private student accommodation sector at Cityscape Global 2012, as it gets set to launch Arndale House - a brand new student lodging development in the heart of Liverpool, England.
The new Military Training Service Support (MTSS) program requires the training facility to pick up the tab for student lodging, meals, and local transportation, so the training costs less for the unit sending the student.
The facility plans a small community of self- sustaining "green" houses for student lodging.
The proceeds of the bonds were loaned to the borrowers, Student Lodging, Inc.
Too many student quarters spoil city IN today's Daily Post (October 19) an article on the row over student lodgings plan for a historic building in Bangor is growing within the confines of Bangor City Council, as another historic building is facing the bulldozers.
We're hoping it'll have been restored to some semblance of sweetness after a spell on the banister of the boyfriend's student lodgings.

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