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Noun1.student lodging - inexpensive supervised lodging (especially for youths on bicycling trips)
housing, living accommodations, lodging - structures collectively in which people are housed
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Contract Awarded for High tech regional training site-maintenance (htrts-m) student lodging requirements (july - december 2016)
The Examiner asked Eldercare to comment on its student lodging plans but no one was available.
By creating purposebuilt student accommodation with award-winning firms such as CODE, we are not only helping the city centre and all the shops and businesses that rely on student trade, we are freeing up houses for families that were previously used as student lodging.
Save all student postings for three reasons: (1) To remind you of problems, concerns, and information related to the student; (2) For a trail of your actions in resolving student problems; (3) For any issues that may come up as a result of a student lodging a complaint against you.
Meanwhile, British property investment firm Knight Knox International will also look to lure investors into the UK private student accommodation sector at Cityscape Global 2012, as it gets set to launch Arndale House - a brand new student lodging development in the heart of Liverpool, England.
The new Military Training Service Support (MTSS) program requires the training facility to pick up the tab for student lodging, meals, and local transportation, so the training costs less for the unit sending the student.
The proceeds of the bonds were loaned to the borrowers, Student Lodging, Inc.
Add some extra security to a hotel room on a backpacking trip or to cheap student lodgings with a temporary travel door lock.
Too many student quarters spoil city IN today's Daily Post (October 19) an article on the row over student lodgings plan for a historic building in Bangor is growing within the confines of Bangor City Council, as another historic building is facing the bulldozers.

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