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Noun1.student nurse - a nurse in training who is undergoing a trial periodstudent nurse - a nurse in training who is undergoing a trial period
nurse - one skilled in caring for young children or the sick (usually under the supervision of a physician)
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The student nurse was left 'shaken up and distraught' and informed a tribunal that the attack had left her unable to focus on her studies or trust male co-workers.
Our students demonstrate how student nurses and health visitors can make a difference - from care delivery to effecting change - at a national level.
I've had so many wonderful experiences, being a finalist for the RCN Student Nurse Of The Year Award 2017 was an outstanding achievement.
Patients benefit not only from the new education that they have received, but also learn from the running dialogue between the mentor and student nurse at the bedside.
This past June, we had the opportunity to attend the American Nurses' Association Membership Assembly in Washington, DC as student nurses.
The 30-year-old from Gateshead is a health care assistant at Newcastle Hospitals but is about to apply to become a student nurse.
Killian is working on publishing the information gained through evaluation of a study abroad experience, so that the necessity and urgency of study abroad for student nurses may be shared with other progressive institutions of learning with nursing programs.
This work was paid, providing the hospital with dedicated staff and giving the student nurses a living wage as well as the experience.
Senator Howie Morales, sponsor of Student Nurses Day Memorial in the NM Senate, with some of the students and faculty during Faculty and Student Day at the New Mexico State Capitol on February 3
The British Ministry of Health has proposed replacing student nurse bursaries with loans to save the government 800 million [pounds sterling] a year.
Meanwhile, a petition written by a second student nurse, Kat Webb, has reached 150,000 signatures - and triggered a debate in Parliament on Monday.
Student nurses are the profession's future and their relationship with the NHS is critical.

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