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Noun1.student residence - a college or university building containing living quarters for studentsstudent residence - a college or university building containing living quarters for students
building, edifice - a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place; "there was a three-story building on the corner"; "it was an imposing edifice"
hall of residence - a university dormitory
living quarters, quarters - housing available for people to live in; "he found quarters for his family"; "I visited his bachelor quarters"
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They told WAFA that Israeli soldiers detained the former head of the student council Usama Fakhouri and another student at their homes in nearby Jalazoun refugee, as well as two other students after raiding their student residence near the university, two at their family home in Beitunia, near Ramallah, and another at the residence of his family in Jifna, also near Ramallah.
"Following a range of actions taken to improve processes and communication in consultation with stakeholders, we are satisfied appropriate safeguarding and security arrangements are in place at the student residences on Inverness Campus, however, our Board of Management has sought assurances from the UHI that a common approach is adopted at all its student residence sites across the wider region."
Ryan Glew said a call to police reporting shots fired at Engelhart Hall, a graduate student residence, was a "swatting" hoax.
He noted that TLDC aims to generate a P2.4-billion sale this 2018 to strengthen its P6.2-billion student residence inventory.
Marymount Manhattan College (MMC) is pleased to announce the opening of its brand-new student residence at 200 East 6th Street, in the thriving downtown East Village community known as Cooper Square.
Through consultation with students, staff and St Modwen, it was agreed the student residence buildings should be named after our famous Welsh Castles and the Princes and Princesses of Wales.
Bishop De Angelis: Yes; we currently have a student residence for women, which was most generously donated by Dr.
- The Sovereign inaugurates female student residence (Dar Attaliba) in Tissa built for 5.2 million dirhams as part of the INDH.
Parking problems around a new student residence block could be over after Cardiff council made a U-turn.
Simmons Hall, the student residence at Massachusetts Institute of Technology by architect Steven Holl, from the perspective of its 350 inhabitants: an investigation of architectural participation, from the collaborative design process to the mechanisms by which a community appropriates space.

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