student teacher

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student teacher

A college student pursuing a degree in education who teaches in a classroom under the supervision of an experienced, certified teacher. Also called practice teacher.

student teaching n.

student teacher

(Education) a person who is teaching in a school for a limited period under supervision as part of a course to qualify as a teacher

stu′dent teach′er

a person studying to be a teacher who does closely supervised teaching in an elementary or secondary school.
Also called intern, practice teacher.
stu′dent teach′ing, n.
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Noun1.student teacher - a college student who is teaching under the supervision of a certified teacher in order to qualify for a degree in educationstudent teacher - a college student who is teaching under the supervision of a certified teacher in order to qualify for a degree in education
college student, university student - a student enrolled in a college or university
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It is challenging for student teachers to teach in a way they did not experience as a student or student teacher (Darling-Hammond, 2006).
In addition to specific indicators for cooperating teacher selection, NCTQ places a heavy emphasis upon the number of student teacher observations required to be conducted by the university supervisor in addition to the spacing of those observations (NCTQ, 2016).
Student teacher anxieties: four measured factors and their relationships to pupil disruption in class.
It can be 'social' if the student teacher does not have opportunities to mix with peers tackling similar topics and issues.
The workplace is increasingly seen as an important context to enhance student teacher learning: Student teachers must not only develop knowledge about teaching and learning, but they must also develop as professionals through experiences in practice (e.
The semester spent in the classroom as a student teacher plays an essential role in the development of the necessary subjective confidence for solving classroom problems.
Temperament and student teacher relationship quality as predictors for risky behavior among early adolescents.
Being a student teacher made me realize that more than learning English, I have to be ready to give love to my kids.
Participants included an elementary school teacher in Northern California, and one student teacher enrolled in an undergraduate program in teacher preparation at a private university in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.
I recently visited a student teacher at the end of his first month of full-time student teaching in an urban magnet school.
To adequately address learning and program outcomes, we utilized an action research methodology for evaluation of the student teacher program for continuous improvement.
They were asked why they had decided to take on their mentoring role and about the benefits they and their students gained from having a student teacher in the classroom.

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