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n. pl. studfish or stud·fish·es
Any of several colorful topminnows of the genus Fundulus of the eastern United States, having orange or red dots on the sides.

[stud + fish.]
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(Animals) a type of American minnow or small fish
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Fundulus catenatus (Storer), Northern Studfish. The Northern Studfish occurs in shallow margins of pools in clear, moderate to high gradient streams of all sizes with permanent flow and silt-free sand and gravel substrates (Pfleiger 1995).
Remarks: This specimen represents the first record of Northern Studfish from an interior Illinois stream.
We examined the food habits and diet overlap of adult western mosquitofish, northern starhead topminnow (Fundulus dispar), northern studfish (F.
Northern studfish, Blackstripe topminnow, Banded killifish, Food habits, Diet overlap
Largemouth bass, bluegill, white crappie (Pomoxis annularis), green sunfish and northern studfish (Fundulus catenatus) were collected by electrofishing lakes and streams containing few or no mussels to minimize current or prior glochidial infestations.
The three species of studfish occur in both Appalachian and Ozark highland areas, as well as the Mobile Basin ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3E OMITTED]; Thomerson 1969; Cashner et al.
In this study, a series of laboratory microcosm experiments were used to examine intra- and interspecific agonistic behavioral interactions (e.g., chases and nips) between+ topminnow and northern starhead topminnow (Fundulus dispar), northern studfish (F catenatus), and banded killifish (F diaphanus) at three different fish density combinations and in the presence or absence of vegetation.
Although the northern studfish Fundulus catenatus is listed as part of the state's ichthyofauna, Smith (1979) stated that there was no evidence of a population in Illinois and the species was a "straggler from a Missouri tributary." A single specimen was collected in July 2007 in the West Fork Richland Creek (Kaskaskia River Drainage), St.
For example, the northern studfish, Fundulus catenatus, was found at 12 collection sites in the Little Miami River and its tributaries of Xenia Township.
lucius x masquinongy, tiger muskie 2 Umbridae Umbra limi, central mudminnow 75 9 193 Salmonidae Oncorhynchus mykiss, rainbow trout Aphredoderidae Aphredoderus sayanus, pirate perch 21 95 6 Fundulidae Fundulus catenatus, northern studfish F.
Ishawytscha (Walbaum), chinook salmon NW Salmo salar Linnaeus, Atlantic salmon NW trout (pirate perch) Aphredoderus sayanus (Gilliams), pirate perch N, SW Family Amblyopsidae (cavefish) Amblyopsis spelaea (DeKay), northern cavefish S Typhilchthys subterraneus Girard, southern cavefish S Order Percopsiformes Family Percopsidae (trout-perch) Percopsis omiscomaycus (Walbaum), trout-perch NW, S Order Gadiformes (cod) Family Lotidae (freshwater cod) Lota lota (Linnaeus), burbot NW, WE Order Cyprinodonitiformes (topminnows, silversides) Family Fundulidae (topminnows) Fundulus catenatus (Storer), northern studfish C F.