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1. Resulting from deliberation and careful thought: a studied decision.
2. Lacking spontaneity; contrived: a studied smile.
3. Learned; knowledgeable.

stud′ied·ly adv.
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and the Doge Ziani, the Conqueror of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa"; you see, the title is actually utilized to help divert attention from the Trunk; thus, as I say, nothing suggests the presence of the Trunk, by any hint, yet everything studiedly leads up to it, step by step.
De Griers smoothed his hair, and twisted his angry face into a smile--into the mean, studiedly polite French smile which I so detested; while the downcast, perplexed General assumed an air of dignity--though only in a mechanical way.
With over 300 blank-verse lines of studiedly commonplace courtroom journalism, this is the tour de force of Rossetti's realist experiment (ll.
At the same time, it flies in the face of the studiedly unfashionable "normcore'' trend, that amalgam of playing field and locker-room staples.
It was the soft studiedly understated tone, both pitying and slightly embarrassed for her, that he used when she didn't know something he thought she should.
The flight crews were studiedly nonchalant--this was an important, high-profile job, sure, but they couldn't let their cool down in front of so many science nerds.
The poem's overall tone is studiedly neutral, and the lack of connective language, transitions, or mediation between the poem's parts is notable.
The works here took three basic forms, all studiedly unexpressive.
How dull and unimaginative seem today's politicians - the posh boys who run the Tory Party, that glib, studiedly earnest bloke who 'leads' the Lib Dems and the nasal-toned school prefect in charge of Labour - compared with Mrs Thatcher and her heir Tony Blair.
In fact, Hayek's notion was that markets were highly organic, especially compared to Keynes' vision of manipulating economies like machinery, and Hayek's Austrian perspective was studiedly and deliberately value-free in its economic analysis.
The authors are studiedly vague about the location of the source area/s (except in the case of fig.
Studiedly impersonal, these pieces show Mathews's respect for his described materials and exploits the double use of the present tense as a generic narrative or a series of instructions to the reader.