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1. Resulting from deliberation and careful thought: a studied decision.
2. Lacking spontaneity; contrived: a studied smile.
3. Learned; knowledgeable.

stud′ied·ly adv.
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and the Doge Ziani, the Conqueror of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa"; you see, the title is actually utilized to help divert attention from the Trunk; thus, as I say, nothing suggests the presence of the Trunk, by any hint, yet everything studiedly leads up to it, step by step.
De Griers smoothed his hair, and twisted his angry face into a smile--into the mean, studiedly polite French smile which I so detested; while the downcast, perplexed General assumed an air of dignity--though only in a mechanical way.
Branagh does this a lot, studiedly avoiding sound-bites.
But his reflexive hostility seems studiedly ignorant of just how much value tech giants offer to regular people on the internet.
About the precise character of the 'preferred system of values' however, behavioralism was studiedly non-committal.
Kaplan seems drawn to Carpenter, who suggested that behind every line of Leaves of Grass lies something hidden, or, in words Carpenter reported the poet had spoken to him, something "concealed, studiedly concealed; some passages left purposely obscure.
This misogynist who revels in having a woman opponent he can smear to high heaven is surrounded by a family of women so studiedly beautiful that my sense was they're a product of movie creator and director Trump, groomed solely to help him change the world's skyline.
Bailey has traced significant parallels between the medieval rituals surrounding the translatio of a saint's remains to a new shrine, and the studiedly ecumenical ceremonial given to King Richard's remains together with the care afforded to their location so as to accommodate the reception of "pilgrims." (3)
With over 300 blank-verse lines of studiedly commonplace courtroom journalism, this is the tour de force of Rossetti's realist experiment (ll.
Nothing could seem more studiedly neutral than its square ceiling bays and wood flooring, nor could the ease of re-partitioning provided by its measured divisions answer more fully to the spatial multitasking demanded of museums today.
At the same time, it flies in the face of the studiedly unfashionable "normcore'' trend, that amalgam of playing field and locker-room staples.
Witnessing our prime minister issuing a studiedly sincere mea culpa, 'welcoming' a heckler's interruption, or admitting to leaving his daughter in the pub, suggests that nowadays it's the other way around.