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 (sto͞o′dē-əs, styo͞o′-)
a. Given to diligent study: a quiet, studious child.
b. Relating to, suggestive of, or conducive to study: studious habits; a studious manner; studious seculsion.
2. Marked by steady attention and effort; assiduous: made a studious attempt to fix the television set.
3. Giving or evincing careful regard; heedful: "The major ... was very studious of his appearance" (H.E. Bates).

[Middle English, from Latin studiōsus, from studium, eagerness; see study.]

stu′di·ous·ly adv.
stu′di·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.studiousness - diligent study
industriousness, diligence, industry - persevering determination to perform a task; "his diligence won him quick promotions"; "frugality and industry are still regarded as virtues"
bookishness - exaggerated studiousness
جِد واجْتِهاد
námfÿsi; gaumgæfni


[ˈstjuːdɪəsnɪs] Naplicación f


n (of person)Lerneifer m, → Fleiß m


[ˈstjuːdɪəsnɪs] namore m per lo studio


(ˈstjuːdiəs) adjective
spending much time in careful studying. a studious girl.
ˈstudiously adverb
ˈstudiousness noun
References in classic literature ?
'What a delightful studiousness!' said this accomplished gentleman.
His intelligence and studiousness earned him scholarships, which enabled him to get a law degree and be admitted to the lawyer's bar in 1895.
"He is a charismatic leader, but with a reputation for studiousness. He is unafraid to say when something that has long been done is no longer working, but hes not out to start new projects just for his or anyone elses ego.
Over the course of the first two plays, we have seen glimpses of the combination of studiousness, piety, and melancholy that make up Henry's character in both the plays and the historical source texts.
For Malkani, this translated into studiousness. Following A-levels, he accepted an unconditional offer to read social political sciences at Cambridge.
The former President of Ecuador, Jamil Mahuad, one of the lecturers commended Senator Raji-Rasaki for her diligence and studiousness noting that 'she has demonstrated a rare quest for education advancement and comprehension of concepts.'
She wears her hair in an unfussy bun, and her round, wire-framed glasses lend her an air of studiousness that she often breaks with uninhibited bursts of giggles.
Kim Jong-un, for all his youth, studiousness, and self-assurance on display at the summit, still has never shown that he can think beyond his personal interest, which he surely believes overlaps with that of his country.
"The object of our Fraternity is to promote good fellowship, to encourage studiousness, and to inspire its members in seeking the best in their chosen lines of study as well as in life," the ( chapter's objective reads.
During an early childhood spent in the small provincial town of Murom in Vladimir Province, this highly intelligent and intensely ambitious lad learned to appreciate studiousness, hard work, honesty, compassion, and sobriety; he also discovered that, despite his work ethic, more than one path of social mobility was closed to him because of his class--hence his distrust and anger towards the authorities and his desire for social justice.
Among her students is Patrick Browning, a softly-spoken 15-year-old whose upbringing with a crippled ex-con father and diabetic mother is as typical as any of his peers', but set apart if only due to his quiet studiousness.
Other significant elements of this class are related to characteristics that can facilitate social interactions, such as: good mood, communicativeness, studiousness, cheerfulness, happiness, being concerned about other people, easy-going, generous and caring.