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Having a well-developed physique; sexually attractive. Used of men.


slang (of a male) strong, virile, and sexually attractive


(ˈstʌd li)
adj. -li•er, -li•est.
Slang. virilely attractive; muscular and handsome.
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GH used to spy on the clan's wealthiest member, Studly Mogul.
But you wouldnt be wrong to wonder whether the money you shell out for that wine might be paying for that designer label or studly bottle, rather than the juice inside.
Being fit and studly (and who would want it otherwise?
The result: a studly burger that nods to Phelps' history in northeast Ohio as well as his ethical commitments.
The competency to write down something in a productive form is a sign of success during the learning process (Geiser and Studly, 2001).
Schreiber is a strong actor and a studly kind of male, and despite a constricting costume and skull-pinching wig, he exudes a modern manliness that hardly suits the effete Valmont.
The studly Dudley, three-time FLW Angler of the Year, is not one to leave a blade unturned when it comes to catching bass in competition.
This story is a winner, proving that nobody writes a studly hero better than Foster.
Once Claire distances herself, it's "game on'' for studly and strategic Noah, whose first step is to take Claire's good-natured but timid teenage son, Kevin (well played by Ian Nelson), under his wing and poison him against his father.
Elissa enjoyed a night out on the town with her dear old pal Wael Kfoury and another studly celeb, Lebanese TV host Tony Baroud.
It's pretty cute for a guy that's as famous and studly and as wanted as Taylor Lautner to get all choked up over a girl.
tube, drop one on the shell lifter and another into the chamber and you felt pretty studly as you rolled that lever shut.