stuffed cabbage

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Noun1.stuffed cabbage - parboiled head of cabbage scooped out and filled with a hash of chopped e.g. beef or ham and bakedstuffed cabbage - parboiled head of cabbage scooped out and filled with a hash of chopped e.g. beef or ham and baked; served with tomato or cheese sauce
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
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Also offered will be traditional stuffed cabbage rolls, palachinka (crepes), and a variety of pitas (cheese, meat, apple or cherry strudel).
The selection includes plant-based "chicken" burgers and breakfast sausage as well as no-meat taco mix, vegetarian meatloaf, vegetarian stuffed cabbage, chorizo-stuffed potatoes and a Mediterranean meatless patty, prepared by Bristol Farms chefs using Before the Butcher's ground products.
Over 150 lowfat international vegan recipes with nutritional breakdowns, including Romanian Apricot Dumplings, Pumpernickel Bread, Polish Stuffed Cabbage, Potato Knishes, North African Barley Pudding, and much more.
We sat down to what would have been an ordinary weekday meal at home: stuffed cabbage, a vegetable stir-fry, and fruit salad.
And from over the hills in the Balkans come the stews, the dumplings, the stuffed cabbage, the dried fruits and cured meats - ingredients made to outlast harsh Winters.
Within the book, you'll find a sticky oxtail stew and salt-baked sea bass, Polish golabki (stuffed cabbage leaves), pastries and cloud-like lemon puddings, as well as hand-pulled noodles and a rich lamb hotpot.
I think Aunt Sofia, for example, always has a secret smirk when she serves me a plate of her famous stuffed cabbage filled with ground beef.
Hungarian strudel and Hungarian stuffed cabbage were also served hot to the guests.
Place the stuffed cabbage leaf in the greased casserole.
By all means try the toltott kaposzta ($19), traditional stuffed cabbage rolls.
Check out the pan--fried Greek cheese, spicy feta dip, and fried calamari, and, my oh my, the deep-fried meatballs and the stuffed cabbage were delicious.
He does regret, however, that "the truly original East German pubs have disappeared from Berlin," adding that "we should actually reopen one of them and only serve stuffed cabbage."