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n. Slang
1. A person regarded as blundering or inept.
2. A punch-drunk or second-rate prizefighter.
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an awkward personan untalented prize-fightera homeless person
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(ˈstʌm bəlˌbʌm)

n. Informal.
1. a clumsy, second-rate prizefighter.
2. a clumsy, incompetent person.
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Noun1.stumblebum - a second-rate prize fighter
boxer, pugilist - someone who fights with his fists for sport
2.stumblebum - an awkward stupid personstumblebum - an awkward stupid person    
clumsy person - a person with poor motor coordination
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Continue reading "Philip Guston: A Stumblebum in Venice" at...
In the paintings Guston started making at the end of the 1960s, the Klansman would sometimes be a painter--that is, more or less himself--and would always be (to use the word that Hilton Kramer threw at him) a stumblebum. As Guston said, "They are self-portraits.
To be sure, what took place from dawn to dark were blunders so inept that I felt like an Invasion of the Body Snatchers had grabbed the real me and left an alien stumblebum in my place.
Stumblebum Brewery, Don't Come Down Llc, 3483 Robertson Rd, Bellingham, WA 98226.
"SNL" has contributed a giant footprint on the body politic, from Chevy Chase's turning Gerald Ford into a stumblebum to Tina Fey's uncanny evisceration of Sarah Palin.
Stumblebum Steve Buscemi chews the fat with fall-down drunks in a Brooklyn bar while half-heartedly trying to get work.
I'm not, of course, suggesting thatcorporate culture is the only thing thatmatters: just get the culture right, andany old stumblebum can walk awaywith the silverware.
No wonder the New York Times critic Hilton Kramer, unable to see beyond the high-low chasm, accused Guston of being a 'Mandarin pretending to be a stumblebum'.
Critical reaction to the demonically cartoony and gritty "figurative" work in his 1970 show at the Marlborough Gallery in New York can best be summed up by the headline from Hilton Kramer's scathing New York Times review: "A Mandarin Pretending to Be a Stumblebum." Save for de Kooning, there was little support among the painters either.
The man who would be the most powerful one in the world shows himself to be a complete stumblebum.
According to this account, not one questioned the increasingly haunted youth about his fascination with collecting and dissecting road kill, or investigated his growing absences from school (when he attended at all) or his increasing dependence on alcohol, which eventually left him a reeking stumblebum. Readers have to wonder how different things might have been if anyone had taken this troubled teen in hand or shown even a glimmer of interest in him.
1937 THHN 50 stumblebum 1932 DIA 297 tenente 1929 AFTA 15 whunk, n.