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1. Standing timber regarded as a commodity.
2. The value of standing timber.
3. The right to cut standing timber.


1. (Forestry) US and Canadian standing timber or its value
2. (Forestry) US and Canadian the right to fell timber on another person's land
3. (Forestry) Canadian a tax or royalty payable on each tree felled, esp on crown land


(ˈstʌm pɪdʒ)

1. standing timber with reference to its value.
2. the value of such timber.


1. standing timber, with special reference to its value in money.
2. the right to cut such timber and its value on another’s land.
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The company said, "We are pleased with our fourth quarter results, as favorable performance in the Pacific Northwest Timber, New Zealand Timber and Real Estate segments more than offset the impact of lower harvest volumes and lower average stumpage prices in the Southern Timber segment.
50%, the transaction is set to mature on April 2, 2021 and is secured by stumpage rights acquired by the borrower, logs harvested by the borrower, security interest over the assets relevant to the stumpage rights, among others, with a cash flow coverage ratio of 3.
Tenders are invited for sale the following fsc certified sawtimber and pulpwood stumpage on 146 acres.
The timber stumpage price (standing timber prices, stumpage value) is defined as the value of timber as it stands uncut on the stump (Nieuwenhuis 2010).
Although the hardwood timber market is an important segment of the forest industry in the United States, little attention has been paid to modeling hardwood stumpage and lumber markets.
9 million compared to annual stumpage value of harvested hardwood timber of just more than $1.
He said a great catch for the corporation is the ability to retain stumpage fees on harvesting from the management units that it oversees.
Policies for sustainably managing Canada's forests; tenure, stumpage fees, and forest practices.
For timber buyers, tots of variables go into formulating the stumpage price.
3) He differentiates between immediate harvest value or stumpage value for immediate cutting purposes and the net present value of future timber income (market value).
Pine stumpage prices have increased faster in this region than the average price across the South.
The defendants received misdemeanor convictions in exchange for the reparation and reimbursement of S15,000 for the stumpage value, plus a $5,100 penalty paid to the State of New York.