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1. The part of a tree trunk left protruding from the ground after the tree has fallen or has been felled.
2. A part, as of a branch, limb, or tooth, remaining after the main part has been cut away, broken off, or worn down.
a. stumps Informal The legs.
b. An artificial leg.
4. Derogatory A short, thickset person.
5. A heavy footfall.
6. A place or an occasion used for political or campaign oratory: candidates out on the stump.
7. A short, pointed roll of leather or paper or wad of rubber for rubbing on a charcoal or pencil drawing to shade or soften it.
8. Sports Any of the three upright sticks in a cricket wicket.
v. stumped, stump·ing, stumps
1. To reduce to a stump.
2. To clear stumps from: stump a field.
3. To stub (a toe or foot).
4. To walk over heavily or clumsily.
5. To traverse (a district or region) making political speeches.
6. To shade (a drawing) with a stump.
7. To challenge (someone); dare.
8. To cause to be at a loss; baffle: stumped the teacher with a question.
1. To walk heavily or clumsily.
2. To go about making political speeches.

[Middle English stumpe, possibly from Middle Low German stump.]

stump′er n.
stump′i·ness n.
stump′y adj.
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Noun1.stumper - a particularly difficult or baffling question or problemstumper - a particularly difficult or baffling question or problem
problem - a question raised for consideration or solution; "our homework consisted of ten problems to solve"
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KARACHI -- Former India stumper Syed Kirmani does not believe that Dhoni's reflexes have slowed down at the nearing age of 38.
The stumper, who retired from Test cricket in 2014, has amassed 10,500 ODI runs from 341 games, averaging 50.72 with 10 centuries and 71 fifties.
Stumper Niroshan Dickwella will be Karunaratne's deputy.
International stumper Mohammad Rizwan had been appointed as Peshawar's captain but he will also tour South Africa.
The stumper had the digit strapped up and while he took a further two catches, each time he was left wincing in pain.
England confirmed that their regular Test stumper Bairstow would miss the match due to his ankle ligament injury, but was making such good progress that he should be fit for the second Test.
For the 45th match in a row India makes at least one change, and Kohli hopes pace bowler Jasprit Bumrah and stumper Rishabh Pant's debut will work.
Sarfraz, 30, came under fire after Pakistan were thrashed 5-0 by the Black Caps in New Zealand with the stumper's critics questioning whether he was the right man to lead Pakistan at next year's ICC World Cup in England.
but if they don't have a physical voice, it was a real stumper." So with help from Buddhist monk and professional artist Seigan Ed Glassing, Berning created the spiritual care board.
However, after Karunaratne's dismissal of an Ashwin delivery, stumper Niroshan Dickwella (67) was the only one to provide some resistance before Sri Lanka collapsed for 245 in their second innings.
Cross was yesterday handed a surprise debut for the Chelmsford outfit when first-choice stumper James Foster pulled out through illness during a pre-season clash with Cambridge MCCU.
In the doubles, Clark and Ramsden were beaten 3-0 by Tom Eise and Kay Stumper of Germany in three close sets (11-7, 16-14, 12-10) in the last 32.