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Noun1.stunt flying - the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraftstunt flying - the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft
flying, flight - an instance of traveling by air; "flying was still an exciting adventure for him"
tailspin, spin - rapid descent of an aircraft in a steep spiral
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Basel, Dhu-AlQa'dah 8, 1436, Aug 23, 2015, SPA -- One pilot was reported dead after two aeroplanes from a German stunt flying group crashed at a Swiss air show, according to local police.
He has a goat drag racing and stunt flying, and jumps in a Bentley to try and break the 'Flying Mile' record set on Pendine Sands in 1927.
He'll fearlessly immworld of drag aerobat he'll He'll fearlessly immerse himself into the world of drag car racing and aerobatic stunt flying, and he'll also attempt to break Sir Malcolm Campbell's 'Flying Mile' record, set way back in 1927.
General aviation includes flight schools, agricultural use, manufacture and maintenance of aircraft, stunt flying and airshows.
Mr Britton said: "On a cold, wet October evening in 2012 we staged our first escape stunt flying the EFL banner.
I'll do some stunt flying while you take a break," Zeb said.
Skythrills: a long-running stunt flying concern that offers open cockpit flights in So-Cal to thrill seekers everywhere.
Summary: If Emirates and Qantas airlines were hoping to make waves with their ground-breaking new partnership, their historic publicity stunt flying two superjumbo planes over Australia's Sydney Harbour Bridge certainly helped.
But she raises her eyes when she's asked if her enthusiasm for stunt flying has got anything to do with her new boyfriend, former Red Arrows Squadron Leader Graham Duff, 37.
When Sanjay died stunt flying, elder son Rajiv was roped into politics.
There will be nearly 800 air sports fans from over 20 countries participating in stunt flying, parachuting, light aircraft, hot air balloon, model airplane and other performances.
Her deep interest in flying, however, did not take root until she was in her early 20s and saw a stunt flying exhibition.