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stunt 1

tr.v. stunt·ed, stunt·ing, stunts
To check the growth or development of.
1. One that stunts.
2. One that is stunted.
3. A plant disease that causes dwarfing.

[From Middle English stunnt, foolish, short-witted, short (influenced by Old Norse stuttr, short, dwarfish), from Old English stunt.]

stunt′ed·ness n.

stunt 2

1. A feat displaying unusual strength, skill, or daring.
2. Something done to attract attention or publicity.
intr.v. stunt·ed, stunt·ing, stunts
To perform stunts or a stunt.

[Origin unknown.]
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Noun1.stuntedness - smallness of stature
littleness, smallness - the property of having a relatively small size
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The Kenya Demographic and Health Survey of 2018 also cited poverty and lack of responsive caregiving as factors contributing to stuntedness.
Ralph enters adulthood foreclosed from alternative possibilities and faces a life of emotional and political stuntedness. Ultimately, by denying the reader any hope of a masculinist vision of the American West, Stafford's novel emphasizes how such narratives are damaging, producing absence, loss, and trauma.
This observation is a clear evidence that the insecticide used in this study was effective in controlling aphids which is believed to be responsible for stuntedness in cowpea growth.