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A dome-shaped monument used as a Buddhist or Jainist reliquary or commemorative shrine. Also called tope3.

[Sanskrit stūpaḥ, tuft of hair, crown of the head, summit, stupa.]


(Buddhism) a domed edifice housing Buddhist or Jain relics. Also called: tope
[C19: from Sanskrit: dome]


(ˈstu pə)

n., pl. -pas.
a dome-shaped mound or monument used as a Buddhist shrine.
[1875–80; < Skt stūpa]


A three-dimensional mandala used on a shrine. It represents the Buddha’s mind.
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Noun1.stupa - a dome-shaped shrine erected by Buddhists
shrine - a place of worship hallowed by association with some sacred thing or person
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There were hundreds of pieces, friezes of figures in relief, fragments of statues and slabs crowded with figures that had encrusted the brick walls of the Buddhist stupas and viharas of the North Country and now, dug up and labelled, made the pride of the Museum.
Assistant Commissioner Waqas Aslam Marth along with officials of the Revenue Department and Punjab Department of Archaeology and Museum along with other quarters visited the site of ancient Buddhist monastery and stupa enlisted on world heritage site and carried out land demarcation in the light of available revenue record.
Assistant Commissioner Waqas Aslam Marth along with officials of the revenue department and Punjab department of archeology and museum visited the site of ancient Buddhist monastery and Stupa and carried out land demarcation in light of the available revenue record.
Leh (Jammu and Kashmir) [India] Feb 24 ( ANI ): An innovative manmade artificial ice stupa has been created in Leh to conserve winter waste water to address the water scarcity during spring.
The 119 floral ornaments (pictured) originally adorned a stupa at Phnom Oudong that was built in 1891.
300 to 400 years after Buddha's death, Kanishka built a Stupa at least 400 feet high.
Bhamala is not only famous for a cross-shape stupa and monastery built dated back to 4th century CE but it was also a first destination for trade caravans of Silk Route.
Shot the Shanti Stupa with my Mavic pro," Sinha captioned the image.
The three Durbar Squares (Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur), the Pashupatinath Temple Region and the Boudhanath Stupa are the architectural and religious sites around Kathmandu Valley listed in the Unesco Heritage sites.
Dharmarajika stupa is the earliest and the largest Buddhist religious complex at Taxila.
The relic casket of steatite with a miniature gold casket inside, containing holy bone relics were found near the Dharmarajika stupa.
Cults and Religion Ministry Undersecretary of State Seng Somony said security has been permanently strengthened at the stupa to avoid the repetition of theft.