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 (sto͞o′pə-fā′shənt, styo͞o′-)
Inducing stupor; stupefying or narcotic.
A drug, such as a narcotic, that induces stupor.

[Latin stupefaciēns, stupefacient-, present participle of stupefacere, to stupefy; see stupefy.]
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(Pharmacology) a drug that causes stupor
(Pharmacology) of, relating to, or designating this type of drug
[C17: from Latin stupefacere to make senseless, from stupēre to be stunned + facere to make]
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Fuary (1991: 148) recorded that lama (Yam) Islanders of the central Strait 'occasionally' poison fish in tide pools on coral reef flats using the stupefacient sazi (Derris sp.).
And the honor did not derive from some stupefacient gimmick like race.