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They took their rise in the Wind River Mountains, which ranged along to the east, stupendously high and rugged, composed of vast masses of black rock, almost destitute of wood, and covered in many places with snow.
(particularly as to his legs, which were stupendously little), but who, in a moral point of view, in personal dignity and self-esteem, had swelled into a giant.
The gardens were arranged to emulate those of Versailles, and amidst the terraces and groves there are some huge allegorical waterworks still, which spout and froth stupendously upon fete-days, and frighten one with their enormous aquatic insurrections.
He had gone with the cart to its journey's end, very much disgusted with the absence of his master, and stupendously rebellious to the Deputy.
"The stupendously talented @Pvsindhu1 makes India proud again!
I may not be able to remember writing the following, but here goes (no offence Paul and Sol): "The first episode was stupendously bad.
The only choice really for everyone as they headed for the exits after a typically stupendously mind-blowing show from a band which generates more energy than China's biggest hydro-electric dam.
These are round figures of course but probably not too far out and illustrate that we should not mix up the value of trade with the stupendously large amount of cash that we're due to lose.
YOU MIGHT ASK WHY we would do a cover story on cosmic voids-those stupendously vast, largely galaxy-free Saharas of space.
The story stands alone well but is the sequel to The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee which provides the opportunity for young readers to have a go at reading a similar style of book themselves.
The delegation leader Shoukat said that they were delighted to learn SU was doing exceptionally well; and to see for themselves this oldest campus thriving stupendously.