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 (sto͞o-pĕn′dəs, styo͞o-)
1. So great in scope, degree, or importance as to amaze: a stupendous catastrophe.
2. Extremely large in amount, extent, or size; enormous: stupendous wealth; a stupendous waterfall.
3. Remarkable; outstanding: "Perhaps he had never possessed the necessary egoism, and was secretly relieved no longer having to be publicly stupendous" (Philip Roth).

[From Late Latin stupendus, stunning, gerundive of Latin stupēre, to be stunned.]

stu·pen′dous·ly adv.
stu·pen′dous·ness n.
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Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay: But Newton was only the second-best player in fantasy, so now we must move on to the king, a player who put together a season of steady stupendousness that is simply stunning.
Those who had ridiculed George Gale's pieces of bark were now converted to the stupendousness of the sequoias.
In every direction, it reaches to the horizon, a stupendousness of verdure.